ZombieTrigger is a stunning first-person zombie shooter. The game takes place in a world where mutants try to rule humans by turning them into zombies. You take a part of a small human group called Zombie Hunters, who put itself a goal to hunt down the zombies and end the mutants control over the world. The game stresses 10 challenging levels, two boss fights and currently three weapons (unlockable as you progress).Played via gamepad, compatible with Vive and Rift.

ZombieTrigger First Impressions

Zombie shooter game screenshot, ZombieTrigger

ZombieTrigger is an upcoming first-person adventure zombie shooter taking place in a world where mutants tried to rule humans by turning them into numb bodies, zombies. You take part of a mysterious elite human group who called Zombie Hunters who put a goal to itself to find a cure for the zombie infection.

Visually, ZombieTrigger immediately reminded me another amazing shooter called Drop Dead for Gear VR. What I liked about Drop Dead and what I love about ZombieTrigger is the gorgeous vivid triple-A quality visuals, character and level design. By the way, both games are first-person zombie shooters.

In the trailer, you can see how the game plays exactly. The player uses a rifle to fight out waves of zombies and another type of creatures.

ZombieTrigger is another game among many other zombie first-person shooters out there, like Arizona Sunshine, Hordez, Drop Dead, The Brookhaven Experiment and others. These type of games have been favored by many gamers and there is still a large demand for these type of games, although they don't innovate in any way.

That being said, I always enjoy playing first-person shooters, I just can't have enough of it, especially if it's a well-made game, like ZombieTrigger seems to be.

The first thing going on in favor for this game is its visuals - it looks stunning graphically. I loved the character design, the dramatic lighting, the level design, the special effects, it really looks convincing. If you visit the Steam page, you can also see some artwork images which tell the story behind the game, which means that the develop seems to put a great deal of effort to build a unique story, so players will be more emotionally attached to it and make them want to dive into that fantasy world of ZombieTrigger. It's also an adventure game, after all, at least it is tagged as one on Steam.

According to the game's Steam page, we are looking at 10 challenging level with different monster types in each one. Players will also need to face monster attacks from both air and ground, so players will need to watch out and look in all directions to avoid getting hit. There are also two challenging bosses, which I assume are one of the mutants that the Zombie Hunters group are fighting against. If I am not mistaken, these are the same creatures that appear in the art design. One of them is a giant squid, and the other one is a one-eyed giant green Hulk-like creature.

According to the game's page, players will have three weapons to choose from. You'll start with a pistol and unlock two other type of assault rifles as you progress through the game. The developer also mentioned more weapons to be added in the future, depends on the community feedback. So if there is a specific weapon you want to see in the game, head on to Steam and drop the developer a line.

The game is planned to be released for both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and it was played using a gamepad controller.

No doubt, ZombieTrigger looks Looks like a superb VR game for zombie and FPS fans. With an interesting story behind it, superb visuals, enjoyable gameplay mechanics, I think it's going to be a big hit.

By the way, there is a Zombie Trigger title for Android which carries the same artwork image than the one found on Steam and also the game Id on Google Play is com.xuebaogames.DemonGame, so I assume it's from the same developer. It is also a zombie-shooter experience with about the same storyline, but it offers a co-op and competitive multiplayer modes. Even the visuals closely resemble the PC version. So I just assume that XuebaoGames just made a single-player version of it for the PC, although the PC version is only single-player.

My overall impressions are very positive and I granted the game with our "Impressive Game Award" so it won't go unnoticed.

I'll follow this game and keep you posted where more information about this game is revealed.

Awarded for an Impressive VR Game

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