Valiant is Offpeak Games' first game, a fast-paced multiplayer mounted combat game for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. You grab your armor and weapon (choose from lances, bows, swords, war hammers and javelins) and ride your horse into large multiplayer team battles across open medieval grounds. The game employs 3D HRTF spatialized audio and 3D positional VoIP (use to coordinate with fellow teammates or yell at your enemies), plays on dedicated servers and support 8-vs-8 MP mode.

Valiant First Impressions

Medieval Lancer fight

I've been browsing through some of the most popular games on Oculus Share and came across the game Valiant. This is Offpeak Games' first game and it looks very promising!

There are many pre-release games on the Oculus Share, but this one really caught my attention for several reasons. First of all, I love competitive multiplayer games, and I think that these type of games has a huge success potential in VR. As a first-person shooter fan, I really like playing with friends and compete against another team.

At its core, Valiant is a multiplayer mounted combat game, developed with support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets. You can choose between several character classes: Lancer, Mobile Slayer or Fast archer. At the current state, the game features three different maps, one in the frozen north, arid deserts and one at the swampy marshlands.

The game was designed from the ground up for VR and utilizes several technologies to enhance the player's immersion within the game, including 3D positional VoIP and 3D HRTF spatialized audio. This means that every sound that you hear within the game will be heard like it comes from a specific position in the virtual space. So if one of your friends is riding with you on your right and talks to you, you'll hear his voice at that exact location. This helps create a gameplay environment that feels more realistic and obviously more engaging.

The game plays in the first-person perspective and you view the world from within your combatant's helmet. You can obviously rotate the headset to look around and take advantage the various structures to hide, build and attack strategy and surprise your opponents with a massive blow to the chest and take them off their horse.

When someone gets knocked down, you can see it in the live feed on the right side, like in Battlefield 4. Blue colored names are people from your team, and red are your opponents. When you get a kill you achieve a score.

You get several weapons to choose from, such as different swords, lances, war hammers, bows and crossbows, and you choose whatever fits your playstyle best. I personally like the lances, but some people will definitely enjoy the crossbow to take down your opponents from further away.

The game has nice graphics and nice looking maps. I've read a comment of one of the game developers that they plan to add a room-scale version as well, and there are more announcements that will take place very soon. As I mentioned, as of the time of writing, the game is still in its pre-release state and under development, so many things that you see would probably improve and new features will be added.

I think that this game has a huge potential, especially in VR. It needs more polish, but I'm sure that Offpeak games are working hard to make it the best possible experience. In a video from September 2015, we can see a tech demo of a player holding a shield in one hand and a sword in the other hand. This might hint about what coming next to Valiant.

For example, it would have been great to have the option to continue fighting by foot after you knocked out from your horse instead of just respawning. Obviously, you'll have a disadvantage, but you it's easier to hide behind cover and surprise your enemies.

I think that all the important ingredients are there to make Valiant and amazing competitive 8-vs-8 multiplayer fighting experience. I like the medieval theme and how the gameplay mechanic works, it's just The Perfect for VR in my opinion.

As of the time of writing, players can download the multiplayer beta from Oculus share. According to its developers, the final game will support both Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

Awarded for an Impressive VR Game

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