Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

It's not a sequel to Until Dawn, but a whole new arcade-style horror rollercoaster shooter developed exclusively for PS4 and PlayStation VR.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood First Impressions

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is not a sequel nor a DLC for the original title, but a new game horror arcade-style shooter game developed exclusively for the PS4 and PlayStation VR. It was designed to give the player a hell of a ride full of thrills and scary moments. If you love horror games and shooters, this game is certainly for you.

Obviously in VR this game is going to be more immersive and scary compared to any other horror game you've played before. IGN already posted a 6 minute gameplay video and this game really look amazing from what I've seen. The use of lighting is very important and we can clearly see that even without watching it in 3D, it really looks very creepy. I'm sure that many people will jump off their sits many times playing this game.

In the offscreen gameplay you can see that you play in almost total darkness as you light your way using only a direct light in front of you. This forces the player to always be alert of his surroundings, look around and try to kill the enemies surrounding him. The enemies can come from any direction, and that what to scary. It's like watching a horror film, but this time you are inside the movie itself. Everything is more immersive and much more scary because you are doing it alone and there are no other distractions.

The game trailer also look amazing, and it seems like it's going to be one of the best horror game to play after the PlayStation VR is released. As of the time of writing, Supermassive Games hasn't stated any specific release date.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Videos

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