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Unforgiven VR is a true online multiplayer western duel VR game for the HTC Vive, where players need to pick up a character, practice their aiming and fight there way up through western duels to become a true legend of the wild west. The game features solo challenges where you can practice your aiming before going hot against real players. There are also some mini-games like Poker and knife throwing which you can play in the saloon, while waiting for other players to invite you for a duel.

Unforgiven VR First Impressions

Two Western duelist cowboys in Unforgiven VR game screenshot

In Unforgiven VR is a western dueling shooter where you are on a mission to become the best duelist in the wild west. Unforgiven VR is a competitive online multiplayer western duels game taking place in the old west and it's all about gunfights. The game features both singleplayer challenged where you can fine tune your aiming, but for truly becoming a legend or against AI characters. You'll need to work your way up by challenging real players in duels. After all, they want to become the best not less than you do. Also depending on how you play, the game will give you a nickname, so people will know how forceful you are.

At the start of the game, you can select on of the available character, including Allan "Rocky" Lane, Pancho "Loco" Lane and others. According to the developer, a new character will be added to the game every few weeks.

Your position in the global leaderboard is based on your win/loss ratio, so it's a good practice to first work on your aim before going hot and testing your skills against some real skilled players. Your character also has health. This means that you can actually get hurt or even die during a duel, and if you die you'll lose your character and need to choose a new one and start from the beginning. You can also ask a player for a re-match if you are brave enough after each match.

It's cool multiplayer gameplay mechanics that I think will work very well for this type of game. It forces you really consider your moves in the game. Your ammo can also be depleted as well, but as you earn money you can buy more bullets in the store. You can restore your health by taking a time break, or alternatively, you can go visit the barber that can restore your health, but for a price.

Unforgiven also features game cards that come with item drops. So there are plenty of things that worth fighting for in this ruthless social world of the Unforgiven VR.

The game also allows you to rest between matches in a saloon and play some mini-games with other people online, including games like a Poker game or knife throwing. It's kind of a lobby place where you can have fun while waiting for other people to invite you for a duel.

I really liked the graphics in this game, seems really polished. Judging by the screenshots on Steam, there are both daylight and night scenes as well. The cartoon style character design looks really nice and if the game features the same cool voice over, music and atmosphere, I've also read that there are going to be plenty of character customization options, which is great. I think we are looking at a really great online multiplayer game here for the HTC Vive.

The developer Delirium Studios aiming for a Q1 2017 release and according to a retweet on their twitter, an early access coming as early as February, so stay tuned and check out the trailer below. When a gameplay video is released I'll added to the video section as well. The game also has an official website at unforgiven.com, so you can visit the official page or follow the News section on the Steam page for more news and upcoming updates. Unforgiven VR Looks like a really impressive VR game for the HTC Vive and I'm definitely eager to put my hands on it when it comes out.

Image credit: Delirium Studios

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