Unearthing Mars

A virtual reality adventure, where humans are set to travel to mars for the first time and reveal its mysteries. Once they begin to explore Mars, they find out that there was once an ancient civilization who flourished in this planet.

Unearthing Mars First Impressions

Unearthing Mars is an upcoming virtual reality game, developed to be compatible with PSVR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets. Judging by the gorgeous trailer, the game looks like an mystery adventure-exploration game.

According to the official Winking Entertainment website, the developer of the game, the game takes place on Mars, where humans were sent to visit Mars for the first time and uncover its mysteries. One they start venturing the planet, they discover that there was one an ancient civilization thrived on it.

Winking Entertainment is a Shanghai-based game outsourcing company, and on of the top three in the China region. On their website, you can see that among the other games that the company has developed are X.A.O.C Online (PC), Battle of Destiny Online, The Arabian Night Online, Heroine Anthem II The Angel of Sarem, Heroine Anthem The Elect of Wassermixe and Mad World.

Having said that, it seems that Unearthing Mars is, not just their first VR project, but one of the most impressive ones, at least from what we can feel after seeing the game's trailer.

There is already a debate on Reddit whether the game is going to be released in America because in the official website it's written: "Published Areas: Asia, Europe".

The game comes at a great time where humanity has just started exploring the Planet Mars and understand its history. Of course, the game takes a science fiction approach, rather than an educational approach to teaching people bout the actual planet and its findings.

So although NASA didn't find any remains of ancient civilization on Mars, you have the option to live that alternate reality in virtual reality.

I am looking forward to finding out more about this very interesting and what looks like a very promising virtual reality game from what I can feel after watching the trailer.

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