Tethered is Secret Sorcery first VR videogame. A god-like strategy game where you play as s a Spirit Guardian to command characters called peeps. The peeps need to gather resources and construct buildings to defend themselves from waves of evil denizens creatures that invade the land every night. A launch title for PlayStation VR.

Tethered First Impressions

Tethered game screenshot, peeps working in their village

Tethered is an upcoming real-time strategy game and a launch title for PlayStation VR. A player gets to be in the shoes of a Spirit Guardian and controls a clan of creatures called peeps. Your mission is to protect your islands from nightly creatures that evade theĀ islandĀ at nightfall. You need to command your peeps to do certain tasks during daylight and be prepared against waves of rapacious scavengers that want to eliminate the peeps from their land.

The Peeps are little cute creatures, and it's easy to fall in love with them. You the player, need to tether them to do certain tasks, like order them to harvest food, gather various resources and use these resources to construct buildings that will benefit the peeps and help it survive attacks that can occur during the day, but mostly at night.

Like the name of the game suggests, giving tasks to the peeps is done by literally tieing them to different objects on the map which will result in the peep start working to fulfill the task that has been given to him. The Peeps like to be busy, and like the trailer says: ".. a busy peep is a happy peep". Once the peep finishes a given task, you can give him a new task. It's not like Civilization when you can put the worker on auto harvest mode, you need to keep an eye that all peeps are busy and no one is left 'unemployed'.

As we mentioned, the peeps will be working during the day, but when the night comes, the player needs to organize the peeps and build some defensive building in order to sustain a nightly invasion. Each session of the game is designed to be played for around 30 to 40 minutes. Each session includes gathering resource during the day and defending it from attackers during the night, and then you move on to the next stage. The gameplay was designed to match the timing to make it more accessible when playing it with a VR headset.

Tethered features really lively and vivid cartoonish visuals that perfectly match the cuteness and playful behavior of its living creatures, the peeps. The game is set to be released in October 2016, at when the PlayStation VR is officially released for consumers. Secret Sorcery, the game's developer, hasn't brought up any information about HTC vive or Oculus Rift support.

Looks like a great game for anyone looking for a virtual reality fantasy strategy game for PS VR.

It looks like a more casual strategy game, but still one that is very fun to play over and over. I do hope that it has a good level of depth in managing your resources and a large selection of buildings to construct. For me, it seems that this game has very simple gameplay mechanics. I don't expect this game to be like Civilization in term of the tie variety of options available because one game in Civilization can take from a few hours to even a few days to complete (depends on the map size, difficulty, etc.). Therefore, it seems like a strategy game that everyone can play and enjoy. I think it's a good choice for VR and it also can help Secret Sorcery to gain a wider recognition of their first game, as their first VR game can appeal to a larger audience, those who are not hardcore RTS players.

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