• Bad Dream Ultimate Version

    Bad Dream Ultimate Version


    Release date: June 10, 2017

    Bad Dream Ultimate Version is a virtual reality horror game that you play by moving your body,m like walking, crawling and climbing. The game boasts exploration, action and quick time events and it's playable without a controller (gaze-based) but it supports touchpad and the new Gear VR controller.. The game was designed to get you scared and make your heart pumping as you try to escape this horrible place you found yourself in.

    Action / Adventure / Exploration / First-Person / Gaze-based / Horror / Narrative / Single-Player / Zombies
    Announced: Jun 10, 2017
    For VR Headsets: Samsung Gear VR
  • 69 Ways to Kill a Zombie

    69 Ways to Kill a Zombie


    Release date: June 9, 2017

    69 Ways to Kill a Zombie is a room-scale first-person zombie wave-based shooter for the HTC Vive. You can take use of more than 60 different weapons and tools to unleash destruction upon the zombie horde. You can also pick up random power-ups to help you survive longer in the battlefield. There are currently three maps available but more coming soon. The game is available in Early Access via Steam.

    Action / Casual / Early Access / FPS / Room-Scale / Seated / Single-Player / Standing / SteamVR / Survival / Zombies
    For VR Headsets: HTC Vive
  • Radioactive



    Release date: June 9, 2017

    Radioactive is an online multiplayer zombie survival game where players are placed in an open world full of dangerous and they rely on their survival instincts and friendship in order to survive. If you die in this game you start from the beginning and every item that you have collected is lost. It's a very punishing game. Every other player in the game can be your friend or foe.

    Action / Competitive / Co-op / Early Access / Exploration / First-Person / Multiplayer / Open-World / Room-Scale / Shooter / Standing / Survival / Zombies
    Game engine: Unity3D
    For VR Headsets: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift
  • RoadkillerZ


    OSVR / PC

    Initial Release date: May 29, 2017

    RoadkillerZ is a vehicular combat game taking place in a large arena, where you need to fight against the master of the undead in the Scumball Derby. Use your car to shoot those zombies down using your cannons or ran them over using your armored vehicle. When you ran zombies over they drop power-ups which you can use to your advantage.

    Action / Driving / Racing / Early Access / First-Person / Horror / Seated / Shooter / Single-Player / Standing / Vehicular Combat / Wave-based / Zombies
    For VR Headsets: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, OSVR-compatible
  • High Templar VR

    High Templar VR


    Release date: May 22, 2017

    High Templar VR is a survival game taking place in a deserted place in the future. You play as a powerful Templar who holds magical abilities. You must to use your powers to fight against those mutants and destroy them. High Templar is a spell casting game that makes you feel the power coming from your own hands. If you love spellcasting games, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy playing this one as well. The game is available in Early Access via Steam.

    Action / Adventure / First-Person / Horror / Seated / Single-Player / Spellcasting / Standing / Survival / Zombies
    For VR Headsets: HTC Vive
  • Resident Evil Vendetta

    Resident Evil Vendetta


    Release date: May 25, 2017

    Resident Evil Vendetta - Z Infected Experience is a free PSVR experience, in which you take a role of a walking undead character. The game comes alongside the movie Resident Evil: Vendetta which will be released on May 27, 2017. I think it's really interesting to be able to take the side of the zombies for a change.

    Action / First-Person / Horror / Single-Player / Zombies
    Announced: May 18, 2017
    For VR Headsets: PlayStation VR
  • Nightmare Grotto

    Nightmare Grotto


    Release date: May 18, 2017

    Nightmare Grotto is a horror first-person wave shooter for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. You need to survive against wave of monsters attacking you from all directions in the dark with using your dual pistol and assault rifle. Try to survive as long as you can and check how you stack up against other players in terms of accuracy, score and total kills in the global leaderboard.

    Action / First-Person / Horror / Room-Scale / Single-Player / Standing / Survival / Zombies
    For VR Headsets: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift
  • Voxel Shot VR

    Voxel Shot VR


    Release date: May 19, 2017

    Voxel Shot VR is a first-person shooter where the player need to use a wide selection of firearms to clear out zombies and other threats . The game has four zones varies in their difficulties and a global leaderboard where you can compare your accomplishments against those of other players from all around the world.

    Action / Casual / FPS / Room-Scale / Seated / Single-Player / Standing / Wave-based / Zombies
    For VR Headsets: HTC Vive
  • Last Z Killer

    Last Z Killer


    Release date: May 11, 2017

    Last Z Killer is 360-degree shooter with movement for Google Daydream.. Virus spread in the region, affecting the population and many of them turned into zombies. Your missions is to eliminate them all and find your way out.

    Action / FPS / Single-Player / Zombies
    For VR Headsets: Daydream-compatible

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