• ZombVR



    Release date: November 17, 2017

    ZombVR is a zombie-themed first-person shooter, where players venture through a zombie world either alone or with friends in co-op mode. You can upgrade your weapons, unlock new areas, fight against bosses and more. The game features realistic cover systems, long range and melee weapons, survival elements and even competitive online multiplayer mode.

    Action / Competitive / Co-op / Early Access / FPS / Horror / Multiplayer / Room-Scale / Seated / Single-Player / Standing / SteamVR / Survival / Zombies
    For VR Headsets: HTC Vive
  • Zombie Nightmare

    Zombie Nightmare

    OSVR / PC

    Initial Release date: October 29, 2017

    Zombie Nightmare is an action wave shooter in which the player needs to defend himself from waves of zombies. The game takes place in 4 large maps, each map consists of several waves.

    Action / FPS / Seated / Single-Player / Standing / Wave-based / Zombies
    For VR Headsets: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, OSVR-compatible
  • Space Pirates and Zombies 2

    Space Pirates and Zombies 2


    Release date: November 7, 2017

    Design and then improve the ultimate mothership. Explore a persistent living galaxy populated by 200 unique captains that can do everything you can do. Survive the zombie infection and then fight them back.

    Action / Adventure / Atmospheric / Co-op / Early Access / Exploration / Multiplayer / Open-World / Sandbox / Seated / Simulation / Single-Player / Space / Zombies
    For VR Headsets: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, OSVR-compatible
  • AlterVerse: Disruption

    AlterVerse: Disruption

    OSVR / PC

    Estimated release date: Q3 2017

    AlterVerse: Disruption is an MMO taking place in a vast expansive universe. It's the first in a series of games set in the AlterVerse. You play as a captain who commands his own spaceship which you need to save from imminent destruction in a times quest. You can rad other people's ship in the multi-player mode and defend your own. The are many other cool quests and activities waiting for you in the game.

    Action / Adventure / Competitive / Co-op / FPS / MMO / Multiplayer / Sci-Fi / Seated / Single-Player / Space / Standing / Zombies
    For VR Headsets: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, OSVR-compatible
  • The Walking Dead: Our World

    The Walking Dead: Our World

    Apple ARKit

    Release date: TBA or N/A

    The Walking Dead: Our World is a location-based augmented reality game where you fight walkers on the streets or wherever you feel like.Zombies are invading your real world, so get ready! Coming soon to Apple App store and Google Play.

    Action / FPS / Horror / Zombies
    Announced: Aug 30, 2017
    For VR Headsets: No headset required
  • Death Horizon

    Death Horizon

    Android / Daydream

    Estimated release date: September 2017

    Death Horizon is a zombie-themed first-person action shooter where the player fights in a zombie-infested laboratory where a deadly virus has broken free and turned all the employees in that place to walking zombies. You play as a survive who was uninfected by the virus, and now fights to save humanity by trying to locate the source of this epidemic and end it.

    Action / FPS / Single-Player / Survival / Zombies
    For VR Headsets: Daydream-compatible, Samsung Gear VR
  • ARZombi


    Apple ARKit

    Estimated release date: September 2017

    ARZombi is an augmented reality first-person shooter developed using ARKit for ARKit supported iPhone and iPad devices. The game detects your doors and windows and boards them up ready for protection against the zombie horde. Just imagine running around your house while preventing zombies from invading your home. The full release will feature a story and multiplayer game modes.

    Action / FPS / Multiplayer / Single-Player / Zombies
    For VR Headsets: No headset required
  • Throne of the Dead

    Throne of the Dead


    Release date: August 23, 2017

    In Throne of the Dead you fight against endless hordes in various based arenas, including maps in the Bathroom , Farmhouse, Construction, Ol'West and Polar Poop, and all that while sitting on a toilet seat, yes, you read it right. The game also features unlockable weapon skins and in-game stars to challenge you to be the best you can.

    Action / Casual / FPS / Seated / Shooter / Single-Player / Standing / Wave-based / Zombies
    For VR Headsets: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift
  • ZomDay



    Release date: August 18, 2017

    ZomDay is a fast-paced zombie wave-based first-person shooter where you play part of a Special Event Action Team that was assembled to fight against zombies in places from all around the world. The game contains both a single-player and co-op multiplayer game modes, boss fights, character and weapon upgrade system. You get experience points as you fight and you use it to upgrade your characters. Same goes to weapons, use a specific weapon more to unlock its full power potential.

    Action / Co-op / Early Access / FPS / Multiplayer / Online Multiplayer / Room-Scale / Seated / Single-Player / Standing / Wave-based / Zombies
    For VR Headsets: HTC Vive

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