Survivor VR

In Survivor VR you play as a survivor stuck in a ramshackle building after a devastating earthquake. You need to roam through the building, facing many type of hazards and try to find a way to get out. Every checkpoint puts you in different dangers and you need to use clues spread around the environment that will help you find a way to tackle those dangers.

Survivor VR First Impressions

Fire in a corridor inside a building, Survivor VR game screenshot

Ever wondered how it is like being stuck inside a crumbling building in an earthquake scenario? Well, Survivor VR wants to put you in the center of what seems like a terrifying experience. In Survivor VR you play the role of a survivor of a major earthquake in a seaside town. There are many casualties, buildings are crumbling down and people trying to find a shelter and wait for rescue.

As a survivor, you need to complete a series of specific actions in order to avoid danger. Each checkpoint you pass will get you closer to escaping this crumbling building. You will need to find ways to confront all the hazards in the building, including fire, flood, gas, explosion, and other terrifying situations. It's kind of an escape-the-room game, but maybe it's better to call is, as the developer calls it, an escape from disaster type of game. You need to be clever and use the clues in the environment that will help you understand what's the best way to tackle a specific situation and how to avoid danger.

Survivor VR features simple gameplay mechanics, like pressing the trackpad to walk, use the trigger to operate items and pressing the grip button to release items. The video game boasts some realistic environments will high-res textures, realistic fire animation, and other particle effects, as well as a spectacular use of lighting to manifest the fears that may arise in this situation This is a great example of a game that can benefit from the VR medium. Once you put the headset on, you become that survivor, you are no longer in the comfort of your home, you are inside that crumbling building struggling to survive. Of course, the main difference is that your real life is not at risk, only your life in the game.

I've also noticed, at least judging by the gameplay trailer, that the developer put great emphasis on the sound in the game. When you are in this particular situations, every noise feels like an alarm sound. All your senses are boosted to help you survive. You suddenly find yourself paying attention to the faintest noise. Every little crack noise might point to an incoming danger that can pose a life risk. If you played horror games, and I'm sure many of you did, you know exactly what I am talking about. However, instead of hearing a distant monster noise, you get to hear noises of the things in the building that start to crumble down.

When I first read about Survivor VR, it immediately took me back to the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami and what diaster it was. Suddenly I start thinking about all those horrific scenes that I saw on the news when that disaster happened. Survivor is a strategy action-adventure game, but it's also a great survivor simulation game. You have no guns, no monsters, it's just you facing a terrible circumstance.

I think that this type of game is better than a horror VR game that tries to scare you with creepy creatures and some cheap jumpscares. You are dealing with real life dangers and it's interesting how this will indeed effect the player's emotion.

My initial impressions are very positive and I can't wait to try this VR game out when it launches on July 11th, 2017 for the HTC Vive.