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In this page, you can submit your VR game to our system so it can appear live on vrgamesfor.com website. Every game will be subject to moderation. The game will appear on the site only after it was approved by our stuff. We have the right to reject any content submitted using this form. Adult content will be rejected. Only post original text description for the game and do not use any text copied from another website. Please pay attention to the instructions. Once the game is approved, it will appear on the site in the corresponding pages based on the platform and VR headsets that it was submitted for. Do not abuse or spam the system and provide an accurate information. Triple-check that all the information you are about to submit is correct, there is no option to edit the content after submission. If you made a mistake, you can contact the stuff at admin [at] vrgamesfor.com. Thanks and good luck launching your new VR game!
Fields with a red star * are required, others are optional.
Skip if you intend to specify at least on release date for any platform in the platforms section. You can also enter month or quarter but not both.
*Platforms Select supported platform and add release dates. If there isn't a release date for a specific platform, just leave it empty.

*Thumbnail Image Please upload a JPEG image with dimensions 300 pixel width by 169 pixel height. The size will be validated on the server so please make sure it's in those exact dimensions.
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