Stage Presence

Stage Presence is a really cool microphone based game with an innovative concept. It's a comedy-horror-karaoke game (that's how the developer calls it), where you need to use your own voice and wits to win over the crowd that listens to your live performance. The game features several modes, a campaign, and a survival and Karaoke modes. There is even a multiplayer game mode (invite a friend as a member of the crowd) and an online leaderboard as well.

Stage Presence First Impressions

Stage Presence videogame screenshot

Not any game that pretends to be funny makes me laugh, but I can tell you that I've been rolling out laughing when I saw videos of people playing the game Stage Presence. So what is this crazy game that was able to make me laugh so much? It's Stage Presence, a microphone-based live stage simulationkaraoke game where your band equipment fails, you now need to entertain the crowd using your own voice until the gear gets fixed. 

The game comes with a campaign, survival and karaoke mode, as well as a multiplayer game mode where you can become a crowd member in another player's game. The game is obviously designed to be played in VR, but you can also play it on a regular display.

What makes this game really cool is that the dynamic behavior of the crowd the dynamically reacts based on your performance. If you fail to entertain the crowd, people will start insulting you, throwing bottles and using laser pens to dazzle you. If you are able to entertain the crowd, the audience will cheer you in various ways. In the Survival mode you need to keep the audience entertained for as long as possible and if you fail to do so, your band will be thrown off the stage - seriously, so you better perform well. The second mode is Karaoke mode, where you can play as long as you want.

I've also seen in one of the videos that the game comes with Twitch integration, which. Each person in the crowd is actually a user from the Twitch chat. You can actually see their Twitch name above their head. Furthermore, Those users can interact with you and even interact with the game, like throwing battles at you, how cool is that it's an amazing idea. You can see the chat in-game as the lyrics just in front of you when you are on the stage. Just think how amazing this idea is and how cool it is when you can actually react to the player singing, not just in the chat, by actually react to his performance in-game. 

The game really becomes hilarious when people who don't know how to sing start singing or when they just do crazy stuff on the stage. Just watch some of the gameplay videos I've added to the video section and you can see what I mean. I'm telling you, this game is going to be so hilarious when it comes out.

The game design is really well made and feels very atmospheric judging by the gameplay videos that I've seen so far, especially in virtual reality where you can really feel how it is like being on the stage and seeing the large crowd react to your performance, for good or bad. You actually don't have to sing, you can see some people just cheering up while one guy was just lecturing them some meaningless words, pretty hilarious stuff. I'm sure we are going to see some really crazy Twitch streams and videos on YouTube showcasing some really amusing gameplay sessions.

There is also a difficulty mode, which obviously means that you need to work harder to be able to entertain the crowd. There are also some unlockables which you can use to entertain the audience. I personally would love to get my hands on the laser pointer, it looks so cool just pointing it toward a player while he or she performs.

The game is coming to Oculus Rift, HTC vive and OSVR on the first quarter of 2017 - certainly a great game to look forward to. I know I'll be the first in line to get the full version when it comes out.

Awarded for an Impressive VR Game

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