Siegecraft Commander

Siegecraft Commander is a cross-platform PvP Tower Defence title for Xbox One, PS4 and PC You need to destroy your opponent's base and protect your own. You do this by creating a chain of tower structures that starting from your own base towards your opponent's. Each new structure creates a linked wall that connects to the previous tower, and if the parent tower is razed, so does its child structures it created. Two modes available: RTS or Tactical turn-based, and also single-player mode.

Siegecraft Commander First Impressions

Siegecraft Commander

Siegecraft Commander is a PvP Tower Defence title with support for both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive virtual reality headsets. It will be released not just for PC, but also for PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U gaming consoles as well.

I am a great fan of strategy games, but Siegecraft brings something completely different to the table with some really unique gameplay mechanics.

Every player starts with a single Keep, which is the main base which you need to protect at all costs. If the main base structure is destroyed, you lose the game. Your goal is to destroy your opponent's Keep on the other side of the map and win the round. In order to do so, you'll need to begin advancing towards his base. You do so by chaining up structures. You build a structure by aiming to the location you want it to be built and decide how far you want it.

An outpost is the backbone of your fortress and can build any structure that your Keep can. For example, you can decide to build another outpost, throw a TNT projectile that deals straight damage but also splash damage to everything near the drop point, build a Garrison that arms the mobile branch of your army, an Armory that specializing in siegecraft, etc.

Once you build a new structure, the parent structure that initialized the build will be linked to the new structure with a wall. Walls are vital for the existent of the child structure. If the wall is down or the parent structure is down, all its child outposts will be fallen as well.

Some structures require that you build them near specific resources like gold and crystal which are spread across the land. Some buildings will allow you to create a new type of structures which aren't available by default. For example, a Garrison, the unit base of operations, can build Barracks or Hatchery (a Dragon nest, can produce dragons). A Library can help you build a Spire, Pyre or Telsa (an arcane barrier impenetrable to enemy projectiles), and a Spire leads to Stun, Haste and Seeker upgraded abilities. Each one of these structures or units also has its own HP, and of course, the higher the HP (Health Points), the better its survivability when being attacked.

This is where the strategy element comes into play. You need to carefully examine the battlefield both in terms of available resources and the players structures in order to decide which building you can benefit the most from. Furthermore, keep in mind that not some towers don't offer an ability to advance toward your opponents keep. Siegecraft maps aren't flat and there are some obstacles that will prevent you building structures everywhere you want. Players will need to carefully plan their fortresses in order to both help protect their important inner towers that help with their expansion and at the same time think of stratigic moves to push forward towards the enemy's base.

Another big advantage of Siegecraft is that it's cross-platform multiplayer. This means that all players from all platforms can compete with other players on other platforms, which means faster matchup times because of the large pool of players available for matchmaking.

According to the game's page on Steam, Siegecraft will also have a single-player campaign, 2-4 player Internet turn-based and real-time modes, 2-4 player local Hotseat, online co-op, and local co-op game modes. No doubt that Blowfish Studios really aim high with upcoming title.

Siegecraft Commander features vivid cartoon-ish visuals which, in my opinion, are a perfect fit for this type of games. It actually reminds me the visuals of Heroes of the Storm, an MOBA game by Blizzard, but with brighter colors. Siegecraft has the potential to a be a very popular game. PvP Tower Defense game attract many gamers that love competitive strategy games. Yeh, there are plenty of them on the market, but as I mentioned, Siegecraft really brings a completely different gameplay mechanics and with enough depth and game modes to keep players entertained for a long time.

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