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Nemesis Perspective is a very interesting local multiplayer game for two players, one player plays as the boss character with the HTC Vive headset, while the hero character is controlled using a gamepad and a traditional screen. You can also play against an AI hero, but the best experience is when you play against a friend. It reminds me of the game Evolve but in a more simple 1-vs-1 setting, which is pretty cool. The Japanese style art style also looks really nice. Coming December 2016.

Nemesis Perspective First Impressions

Nemesis Perspective videogame screenshot

Nemesis Perspective caught my attention because of its unique gameplay mechanics. This game, although can be played alone against an AI opponent, is really designed for two players. In this game, you can play against another player locally but listen to this: one player plays as the boss character wearing the HTC Vive headset, while the other player plays as the hero fighting against him using a gamepad and without a VR headset, using a regular display.

This is an amazing game to play with friends when they come visit you at your house, so instead of one person playing with the HTC Vive headset and the other one doing nothing, you can both play and enjoy a great competitive game together. This is why I love these type of games so much, and I always get excited when a good local multiplayer game comes out.

The game reminds me of the game Evolve for the PC and PS4, where four players are playing as hunters and one player is playing is the monster. There is no hunting on Nemesis Perspective and it's not an online multiplayer, but I always liked the idea of stronger boss-like characters are actually played by real players, not just against an AI opponent.

I enjoy playing both sides. When I play with a boss character, I like the feeling of being a very powerful creature and looking down at those little guys underneath me and knowing these are real players and I must defeat them. You really get that adrenaline rush when you play against other players, and when ego kicks in, it's even more enjoyable. The same goes to playing as the more vulnerable character, knowing that the large beast in front of you is another player, and this makes the whole boss-fighting experience much more intense and fun — especially when you play against your friends and even more fun when you both are in the same room and can hear the other player shouting at you, it can be really a very fun experience.

The game feature an asymmetric multiplayer experience and each player actually has its own unique user interface that matches his character and the different medium the game is played on. I've also read that the developer Evocat, made sure that the whole fighting experience for the boss player is very comfortable and there was no motion sickness reported among those who played it, which is great.

The boss is more stationary, while the hero character enjoys more freedom of movement and in much greater speed, which makes it much harder for the boss character to hit you. If you play as the hero, you need to dodge the boss attacks and get close in order to hit him using your hack 'n' slash attacks, while the boss character can use his giant claws to grab the hero and throw it into a far distance or use your magic abilities to deal a great amount of damage to him. The boss character also has a special move where if you duck far enough you can descend into the ground and surprise the hero with a devastating attack.

Nemesis Perspective also feature really adorable Japanese art style visuals with a very pleasing color palette. I've also read on several websites that we might even get to see more heroes, moves, and even different arenas, and it's certainly a game that can really benefit from future updates. Nemesis Perspective also was the first VR indie game to win Steel Media's VR Indie Pitch.

I'm definitely going to keep an eye on this game and really excited to play it when it comes out. The game is planned for December 2016 release, so it might already be released by the time already as you read those lines. So head to Steam and check it out. It's definitely a unique and original title that can appeal to a very wide audience.

We in are very excited, and we are proud to award the game with our Impressive Game Award.

Image credit: Kajak Games

Awarded for an Impressive VR Game

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