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Monowheels VR is a high-speed Monocycle (unicycle bikes) racing/combat game being released for a wide range of headsets and being developed by the same company who brought us the game Dodge This VR. The motion controllers are used like a wheel to control the vehicle, but can also be used to grab weapons and hit your opponents. More information coming soon.

Monowheels VR First Impressions

Monowheels VR game art

Monowheels VR is a high-speed VR racing/combat videogame being released for a wide range of headsets, including Vive, Rift, PSVR and Gear VR. That game was already announced in September 2015 but has gotten more media attention after the release of the new pre-alpha trailer on July 2, 2016.

Not so much is known about the game. We know it's a racing-combat simulator where a player (or players, if it's multiplayer) will drive a high-speed motorized Monowheel vehicle. The player will be competing against other players on open roads. We can see that it isn't like the regular racing game just with different type of cards, the game seems to be inspired by Mad Max, and players will have the ability to use hand weapons like a big metal hammer (as you can see in the trailer) to knock out their enemies of the track. This is a very cool idea, especially considering the fact that both the driving and the weapon use can be controlled via motion controllers.

Obviously, it wouldn't be the case with the Gear VR, but I'm sure it's going to be a superb VR experience when playing in room-scale while holding the two controllers in your hand and punching the guy riding next to you.

The game will include environmental hazards that player will need to be aware of. I do hope that the game will include a multiplayer mode.I am really impressed with what I've seen so far. I love the high-speed racing, the vehicle design, the Mad Max -like atmospheric scenery and the use of weapons to hit other opponents while driving! I'll definitely going to keep a close eye on this one.

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