Mass Exodus

Mass Exodus is a room-scale asymmetric local multiplayer game. One player plays as a seeker using the VR headset, a large sinister robot who manages the factory. His role is to use his abilities to locate the other player who plays as a rogue android on the PC. For the second player to win the game, he needs to switch off all the four power consoles throughout the warehouse and the first players, of course, needs to stop him from achieving his goal. A superb VR party game with high replay value.

Mass Exodus First Impressions

Mass Exodus game screenshot

Mass Exodus is an asymmetric 1-vs-1 local multiplayer game. You have one player, the players with the VR headset, who plays as a huge sinister robot at the middle of the factory and his role is to locate and capture the second player, who plays as a small rogue Android, and his role is to switch off all four power consoles located around the warehouse and shut down the factory. The second player uses the PC and plays with a regular display, without a VR headset.

Mass Exodus plays the same as one of my personal favorite VR games, Panoptic, which is still in development, but you can download the demo and try it for free through Steam. It has a gorgeous art-style level design, it's available for the HTC Vive and coming out in 2017. Panoptic was criticized for making it very hard for the PC player to win the match, but as I mentioned, it's still in development, so I'm sure the develop will balance the game before it is released.

Unlike in Panoptic where you need to shoot the PC player with your gaze, in Mass Exodus, the VR player who plays as the sinister robot, need to reach out with his huge hands and grab the player which he suspects to be the scoundrel Android.

As the robot, you are given the mission to stop the rogue Android that plans to destroy you and escape. If the rogue android disables the four control panels, you lose the game. The rogue android actually looks like the other androids, and they only way to identify him is by observing a suspicious and abnormal behavior. You can pick up androids using the Vive's trigger and drop them into the grinder to destroy them, but the catch is that you can only destroy a single android every 10 seconds and you can't destroy all the androids as they keep spawning.

As the Robot you have three power-ups which you can use to help you catch the PC player. You can put barriers that block access to the panels for 20 seconds, use the Scanner to reveal the location of rogue for 5 seconds and the Freeze Androids special ability that freezes all movement for 10 seconds. So if you are moving and the VR player freezes all the androids, he can quickly locate you by just seeing you moving while all the other androids are being stationary. So to disguise yourself and prevent being detected, you need to quickly stop moving as well, so the VR player will have no way to detect which among the androids is you.

The PC player also has several abilities at his disposal, including the ability to completely blind the VR player, turn invisible and initialize false alarms to disorient and confuse the VR player.

Mass Exodus is a superb party game, but I would definitely want to see an online multiplayer mode as well, I think this type of game can be a huge hit if you make it a competitive and cooperative multiplayer mode.

The visuals are really nice and I really love the level design that has hidden areas and does have vertical gameplay that gives the PC player a lot of option to maneuver and avoid being detected. This makes it hard for the Vive player to locate the player and needs to look around and always be aware of the android movement and carefully plan where is the right time to use his special abilities.

The PC player also has a mini-map at the top right side of the screen, where he can see where he is located in the factory, where the panels are and where the robot is and in which direction he is looking at, giving him more information to plan his next move.

Mass Exodus is an amazing game to play with a friend. It's challenging, super fun and provides a very high replay value. This type of game really deserves a unique term to describe it. This is one of my favorite VR games for the Vive. I love everything about it, the excellent use of dynamic lighting to produce tension, the music, the grundy atmosphere and the core gameplay mechanics that works so wonderfully well in VR. Maas Exodus is still in early access, but it's already one of the must-have games to play on the Vive. I'm looking forward to seeing how it would turn out to be in the full release. Let's hope that we get a bit more power-ups to play with and an online multiplayer mode. I highly recommend getting this game in early access, supporting the developer and providing him with a valuable feedback.

Awarded for an Impressive VR Game

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  • The game requires a play area of at least 2m by 1.5m
  • The game requires a VR headset to play (as the seeker) ,second player plays on the PC with a regular display