Mad Farm

In Mad Farm you play as a farmer who needs to protect his farm from zombie-like animals who wants to eat him for launch. Use various weapons like sling, axe, bow and arrows, chainsaw and explosive baits to fend off those animals and protect your life.

Mad Farm First Impressions

Mad Farm, VR game screenshot

If you love zombies in games and searching for a casual VR shooter to play, I think that you might like Mad Farm. Mad Farm, developed by Happy Bat, is a cute cartoony action game where you play as a farmer who needs to defend himself against blood thirsty zombies. However, unlike the "traditional" undead zombie characters, here you get to fight against animals who turned in to zombies.

According to the developer notes, those animals have a strong urge - hunger, but unlike regular animals, their zombie transformation causes them to dislike zombie meat and their new aim is to eat out lovely farmer—oh, that's you by the way.

The game features various weapons which you'll be using to fend off those zombie-like animals, including a sling, an axe, bow with three type of arrows, a chainsaw and a cute mouse bait that carries a deadly explosive on his back.

The game features really nice vivid blocky visuals which wraps the game with a comic vibe. I also really liked the animal's models, which is a bit gory yet quite funny to look at.

Mad Farm was developed by HappyBat Games, which is an indie game studio in Georgia that focuses on developing virtual reality games. From their website this looks like the second game they have developed, the first one is VR Table sports which is planned to be released this Summer (2017) as well.

Mad Farm is coming to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift this Summer, 2017.

Mad Farm Videos