Lucky Night: Texas Hold'em VR

Lucky Night: Texas Hold'em VR like its name suggests is a virtual reality Texa holdém poker game. You can play the popular card game against up to 6 real players. It's a free-to-play game which features social interactions, customizable avatar and a variety of expressions to express yourself in various ways around the table.

Lucky Night: Texas Hold'em VR First Impressions

Lucky Night Texas Holdem VR game screenshot

Texas Hold'em is one of my favorite card games. I especially enjoy playing Poker online against other players. I play this type of game on my mobile phone and on my computer in my spare time and before I go to bed. Lucky Night: Texas Hold'em VR brings that exciting game to virtual reality, allowing you to play this popular poker game against up to 6 other players.

Lucky Night was designed with stunning shiny visuals, cool looking avatars, and funny social gestures to really make you enjoy the gaming experience even more and feel like you really play in a real casino. The visuals are more on the cartoonish side, still, I really like the art-style of the game, making things just look fun and chill.

One of the best things in multiplayer VR games is that you get to really feel the interactions with other players because you are there with them in the same virtual space. The game supports a variety of ways to express yourself, including the ability to customize your avatar with the money you earn (e.g. change hairstyle, clothing, accessories, etc.) and even send emoji to other players to express how you feel at any given point in time during the game.

The great thing about Texas Hold'em poker game is that it's very easy to pick up and its super fun to play. I can play ten thousands of sessions without getting bored at all. This is the type of game that repeatedness doesn't become a boring, the game is just so addictive and fun, that you can find yourself playing it for hours non-stop. In VR it's going to be even more entertaining, because of the self-presence and the cool social interaction.

I'm not saying that playing in VR is necessary to enjoy that game, not at all. I played it on my iPhone and never got bored with it. That being said, One in a while I play poker with my friends when they come over to my house, and I have a blast. This supposes to give you more or less the same type of experience, even if you are alone at home. Just wear the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headset and you are there, with other people, enjoying your favorite card game.

No doubt, if you love playing Texas Hold'em and you have either the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headset, this is one of the must have poker games to play in VR.

Lucky Night: Texas Hold'em VR coming out in July 2017.

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