• Gunheart


    PC / PS4

    Estimated release date: Q3 2017

    GunHeart is a fast-paced sci-fi action shooter. You get to shoot with some crazy weapons and take out a huge number of enemies and all that with superb visuals and graphic effect. The game also supports 3-player cooperative multiplayer gameplay and features different gameplay modes. The game will be first released for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in summer 2017 and then will be released for PS4 and PlayStation VR later in 2017.

    Action / Adventure / Co-op / FPS / Multiplayer / Single-Player
    Announced: May 29, 2017
    For VR Headsets: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR
  • Survivor VR

    Survivor VR


    Release date: July 11, 2017

    In Survivor VR you play as a survivor stuck in a ramshackle building after a devastating earthquake. You need to roam through the building, facing many type of hazards and try to find a way to get out. Every checkpoint puts you in different dangers and you need to use clues spread around the environment that will help you find a way to tackle those dangers.

    Action / Adventure / First-Person / Realistic / Room-Scale / Seated / Simulation / Single-Player / Standing / Strategy / Survival
    For VR Headsets: HTC Vive
  • Block Rocking Beats

    Block Rocking Beats


    Release date: June 30, 2017

    Block Rocking Beats is a cross-platform, online co-op musical game where you can to play with up to three other players as a band in virtual reality. Join players from all around the world and play musical instruments together, join a voice chat to discuss some ideas and then record and share your creation with the world.

    Casual / Co-op / Creation Tool / Early Access / First-Person / Multiplayer / Music / Audio / Online Multiplayer / Room-Scale / Simulation / Single-Player / Social / Standing
    For VR Headsets: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift
  • Ancient Amuletor

    Ancient Amuletor


    Release date: June 27, 2017

    Ancient Amuletor is a hero-based tower defense VR game that is coming first to PSVR (later for Vive and Rift). Pick up your favorite class character and fight to defend your castle from an enemy invasion. Each character class has its own unique set of weapons and skill set. It also supports up to 4-player co-op, so you can enjoy it with your friends as well. The develop mentioned more characters in future DLCs, increasing difficulty levels and even boss battles!

    Co-op / First-Person / Multiplayer / Shooter / Single-Player / Tower Defense / Wave-based
    Announced: Mar 9, 2017
    Game engine: Unreal Engine 4
    For VR Headsets: PlayStation VR
  • Disassembled



    Release date: June 21, 2017

    Disassembled is a futuristic stationary wave shooter for Oculus Touch where you to move up the ranks by surviving an invasion of carnage against wacky robots. As you progress you'll be able to purchase and improve your arsenal and defenses. At the beginning of the stage you'll have time to prepare your defenses, and then try to survive the round.

    Action / FPS / First-Person / Room-Scale / Shooter / Single-Player / Standing / Wave-based
    For VR Headsets: Oculus Rift
  • Gunball



    Release date: June 28, 2017

    In Gunball you need to use a gun instead of a racket to put balls into goal rings. Use one hand to grab the ball and the other hand to use the pistol to shoot it. Some rings give you a higher score, other less. Try to get the highest score before the timer reaches zero. A casual sports game designed to be comfort and easy to learn, a game for all ages. There is also a global leaderboard, where you can compare your score against those of other players from all around the world.

    Casual / First-Person / Room-Scale / Shooter / Single-Player / Sports / Standing
    Game engine: Unity3D
    For VR Headsets: HTC Vive
  • Neurowake



    Release date: July 14, 2017

    Neurowake is a single and multiplayer first-person sci-fi shooter taking place in a chaotic world ruled by The Awakening. It's up to you which side to take, fight with the Awakening of join the rebels. The game features various PvP game modes, some are classic ones featured in other FPS games. Choose your favorite hero, each one comes with its own weapons and unique skills. The game also sports a unique chess teleportation system for fast and fluid in-game movement.

    Action / Competitive / Early Access / FPS / MMO / Multiplayer / Room-Scale / Sci-Fi / Simulation / Single-Player / Standing / Strategy
    For VR Headsets: HTC Vive
  • Just In Time Incorporated

    Just In Time Incorporated


    Release date: July 27, 2017

    In Just In Time Incorporated you play as an agent of a company who's job is to save its customers from certain death. As an agent, you get an access to use that special Hyper-Gloves that give you the option to slow down time. You need to use this ability and take advantage of the items in the environment to make sure that the clients of the company stay alive in whatever life-threatening situation they deliberately or accidentally put themselves into.

    Action / Bullet Time / Comedy / First-Person / Room-Scale / Simulation / Single-Player / Tactical
    Game engine: Unity3D
    For VR Headsets: HTC Vive
  • Be a Bee

    Be a Bee


    Release date: June 21, 2017

    In Be a Bee, like the name of the game suggests, you get to play as a little bee and become a wasp yourself. Try to eat as many as you can under the time limit. You collect points by landing on food. It's a great bee simulator where you can be the bee for a change, instead of the human who suffers when those bees are coming and buzzing around you in the middle of a picnic barbecue.

    Action / Arcade / Casual / First-Person / Flight / Simulation / Single-Player
    Announced: Jun 20, 2017
    For VR Headsets: Oculus Rift

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