Lightblade VR

Lightblade VR is a room-scale virtual reality training simulation for self-illuminated plasma blades, yes, like a Jedi Lightsaber and trainer is a little robot and even with two Lightblades, not just one. You need to master different training modes and challenges to unlock more blade colors and hilt variations. The game features beautiful visuals and sound effects that add to the 'Star Wars'-like atmospheric experience. Lightblade VR requires at least 2m x 1.5m play area and a VR headset.

Lightblade VR First Impressions

Blue Lightsaber in Lightblade VR game

I knew we will see a Lightsaber VR game very soon, and here comes Lightblade VR for HTC Vive, a game that wants you to experience how it feels to deflect projectiles with your Lightsaber like a real Jedi. The word Lightsaber isn't mentioned on the Steam page, obviously for copyright reasons.

So there we have it, a Lightsaber training simulation game, where you can play not just with one Lightsaber, but two of them. It's the perfect game for Star Wars fans and I'm sure it will help to bring up some previous childhood memories of many players (I am one of those).

Your trainer is a little robot that will teach you the ways of the Jedi.. well, not precisely, but it will train you to become better in deflecting laser projectiles with your Lightsabers, I mean.. Lightblades.

The game is built using Unreal Engine 4, and it looks really nice. The game has a minimalistic user interface, and the emphasize is on the gameplay itself. You start your training as a Rookie and can open up harder difficulty levels as you progress through the game, including Rookie, Novice, Master, and Legend, including the option to unlock different blade colors and hilt variations.

The game has received some mixed reviews because people expected it to offer a somewhat more complete experience, rather than like a tech demo. Players have also complained about a large hitbox and with the game being very easy, even in the most difficult Legend level. So maybe the developer should add more content in future updates, increase the difficulty in order to make the game more engaging and challenging and add a higher replay value to it. But for the asking price, I think it's well worth the experience. No doubt that this game causes many HTC Vive players to become super ecstatic because this is exactly what many of them they wanted to play. There are many suggestions to the developer to improve the game, and with some added improvements, I think that this game can be much more amazing and offer a complete experience compared to what it offers now. Honestly, the game has a much larger potential!

Keep in mind that this is a room-scale VR game, and it requires a VR headset and at least 2m x 1.5m play area to play.

I think that you need to give this game a shot, it really makes an excellent use of the motion-tracking controllers to create a really satisfying gameplay experience, even for those who aren't Star Wars movie fans.

Lightblade VR Videos

  • This VR game requires a VR headset, a play area of at least 2m x 1.5m and 360° tracking.