A strategy tower defense game, but unlike more traditional games, you can position in the desired spot. You can use a laser, battling, tesla, annihilator and missile launchers, everything that it takes to stop the little alien creatures from invading your base. Of course, the weapons can be upgraded to more powerful ones that have better stats. The game features more than 20 different maps, each one has its unique terrain that requires a different strategy in order to beat the little kitties.

Kittypocalypse First Impressions

kittypocalypse screenshot

Kittypocalypse is a cute yet smart tower defense game. Your goal is to purchase weapons using the available credits and position them in strategic places to prevent the kitties from invading your base.

You can choose between several different weapons: a Tesla, which is a high-voltage gun that stuns and damages enemies, more useful for close range. The is the Laser, which fries your enemies using a beam of coherent photons, also useful in close range. The Gatling gun, which is also a close range weapon that fires a stream of hot lead; super useful for taking down a group of enemies. There is a missile rocket launcher for long range and the Annihilator.

Each weapon can be upgraded to a more powerful version of it. For example, you can upgrade the Laser gun with a Twin Turbo Laser, which shoots faster and deals an extra damage.

The cute little kittens will start rushing towards your settlement. Some Kittens have their favorite path, and you need to learn their behavior in order to know how to position your weapons and be able to neutralize their movement fast before they reach your base. I've noticed that some kitties have different fur color, and that probably hints about movement behavior of each type of kitten.

Watching the Kittypocalypse trailer and gameplay video was a fun experience. You see little kittens getting hit and flying all over the place (don't get me wrong, I love kittens). Maybe we shouldn't look at them like little kittens, they are little evil aliens that want to attack your base! OK, now we have an even stronger ambition to stop them, right?

Kittypocalypse features 20 different islands to explore and fight those evil alien kitties.

The game looks really nice, with colorful environments and it was developed exclusively for VR headset and coming to HTC Vive, PlayStation VR (PSVR) and Oculus Rift this Spring 2016. As of the time of writing, the Alpha version can be downloaded from website, however, the official website for the game resides in where you can view the trailer, view screenshots, learn about the game key features and read some blog posts related to the game.

The game will provide you with hours of fun and addicting gameplay. I'm really looking forward to playing this one. If you like tower defense strategy game, you ought yourself to get this one.

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