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In Just In Time Incorporated you play as an agent of a company who's job is to save its customers from certain death. As an agent, you get an access to use that special Hyper-Gloves that give you the option to slow down time. You need to use this ability and take advantage of the items in the environment to make sure that the clients of the company stay alive in whatever life-threatening situation they deliberately or accidentally put themselves into.

Just In Time Incorporated First Impressions

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Just In Time Incorporated is an action-comedy VR game that has some really unique gameplay mechanics and interesting game concept. In this game, you play as an agent of a cooperation called "Death Prevention Insurance". This company trains agents whom their job is to save insured clients from certain death. As an agent, you are equipped with those unique Hyper-Gloves, which grant you the ability to slow-down time, therefore being able to move 10 times faster than a regular human would.

Just In Time Incorporated puts you in various situations at the moment before a disaster is about to strike any of the clients, and it's your job to figure out what to do and to save their life.

The game takes a humoristic approach, thus the design of the game and the animation are cartoonish, charming and amusing to watch. It's a game that deals with serious situations in kind of a light-hearted way.

Of course one of the great things in this game is that you get to feel like the hero of the day, using your super abilities to save people's lives. You can use your Hyper Gloves to interact with almost any object as you move in a hyper-speed through the environment, catching and redirecting bullets and use lethal force if necessary to get the job done. Your clients sometimes get very clumsy, but they count on you to do your job well and make sure they are safe at all times. This is why they have chosen this death-prevention insurance. The only insurance that can actually save your life, not just give someone money after you die. You want to live a risky, clumsy and irresponsible life and still stay alive? You need the services of "Death Prevention Insurance" corporation.

Every job poses its own unique challenges. You will need to improvise and use different tools to make sure those double-trouble customers get out in one piece from the troubles they deliberately or accidentally put themselves into.

I also really liked the vivid block-style visual aspect of the game. It just makes you take the game less seriously and have some good laughs as you play it. I love games that you just play with a smile. Those type of games that have their hilarious little moments that just put a big smile on yourself and make you feel good.

Just In Time Incorporated will be released for the HTC Vive on Steam on July 27, 2017. The game requires a VR headset and a play area of at least 2mx1.5m according to the VR support section on Steam. I can't wait to put my Hyper-Gloves and go out to save people's life. The game looks like it's going to be really fun to play in VR, especially having that Bullet Time ability where you are able to slow down time. One of my favorite VR games called Superhot which its gameplay designed from the groun up around that Bullet Time gameplay mechanic. Although Superhot gameplay mechanic is a bit different because time moves only when you move. Just In Time Incorporated first caught my attention because of this unique gameplay mechanics that I so enjoyed in other VR games that I've previously played.

The game certainly boasts some great potential and it looks really fun to play, at least judging from what I've seen so far. I definitely going to give it a try when it comes out.

Image credit: Second Wind Interactive

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