inVokeR is a room-scale 1-vs-1 wizard spellcasting VR game, in which you challenge your friends in a strategic magic combat. The game features an offline mode where you can practice your spell gestures and magic skills before going all-in in the PvP mode. The game features cartoon-style visuals, which make is somewhat stand out from the rest in its genre. You can play private matches and even practice as you wait for the matchmaking to find a match.

inVokeR First Impressions

Wizard spellcasting videogame, Invoker screenshot

inVokeR is a wizard dueling spell-casting VR game for HTC vive. I have to admit that I just can't have enough of those spellcasting type of games because I just really enjoy playing them. I like being able to step into the shoes of a powerful wizard and feel like Harry Potter, who wouldn't?

In inVokeR, you get to do just that. The game gives you an option to practice your magic casting skills against AI opponents in multiple difficulties. This is a good training ground before you decide to head on to a private match against a friend or fight against random players in PvP public matches.

I think spell-casting game like inVokeR are perfect for PvP and this is why they are my favorite PvP games after first-person shooters. In some ways, those games are quite alike, but unlike an FPS game where you just aim and press the trigger to shoot your opponents, spellcasting games use gestures and give more emphasize on timing. It's very important to master those gestures, read your opponent's moves and react with a counter spell if needed. This is also why those games are really great in virtual reality because you really get to get into the game when you use the motion controllers as your hands in the virtual world.

In inVokeR, you get to choose your element, learn how to cast its unique spells and master them to gain the advantage in the battlefield. Each elements class has its own combination of offensive and defensive spells, which is up to you to learn and master. It takes some time to master your wizardry skills, but there is nothing better than to fight against other real players and learn from your mistakes. You need to also have a good aim, part of it plays very similar to a shooter where you casting projectiles towards your opponent in order to damage him. If you feel that your aiming is a bit rusty, just head on to the three Target Break Time Attack modes to sharpen your aiming skills.

There are already many spellcasting games out there. I can name a few like Age of Heroes, Agelore's Fantasy, The Wizards, The Mage's Tale, The Unspoken, Spell Fighter and Malazard the Mater Magic. What I like about inVokeR is first, that it features an online multiplayer with matchmaking, so you can fight against other players, which is, in my opinion, the best mode for this type of game, where I personally have the most fun. Second, I really like its cartoon-style visuals. Some might have preferred realistic graphics due how the particle effects look. I found the graphics effects to be really nice and refreshing. I also really liked the character design, it looks great on the promotional banner and in the trailer and it just makes me want to jump into the game and start playing them.

Judging by the gameplay trailer, the fights take place in dark fantasy battle stages. This is understandable because the developer wanted the graphics effects to stand out and therefore there suppose to be a high contrast between the vivid special effects and the background. Second, it creates a more atmospheric feeling and it helps you focus on your opponent and see where its projectiles are coming from, which is important for this type of strategic spell-casting game.

Keep in mind that this game is listed as a room-scale VR game and it requires a play area of at least 2m by 2m to play. It's also a VR only game, so you'll need a VR headset to play it. According to the game's page on Steam, we expect it to come to HTC Vive in June 2017. On the trailer's page on YouTube, the developer, 8th Shore, mentioned that the game is also coming to Oculus Rift, but on Steam it's listed only for the HTC Vive. This is why I recommend checking the Steam page for new updates. As of the time of writing, the game is planned to be released in Early Access. This is a great time to submit your feedback and help support the developer.

Overall, I am really impressed with what I've seen so far and hope inVokeR will turn out to be a great spell-casting VR game. I have no doubt that it will appeal to a wide audience, and this is important because of its multiplayer features, so head on to Steam and check it!

Image credit: 8th Shore, Inc.

Awarded for an Impressive VR Game

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  • The game requires a VR headset and a play area of at least 2m x 2m.