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A scientific voyage into the miracles of the human brain. An adventure with arcade elements to make the whole experience more interactive, immersing and enjoyable. This is the second installment of the popular game.coming around November/October to Cardboard and Daydream. This time around the experience places an emphasis on the chemistry hidden behind the human emotions. You can join the beta by visiting the official website.

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InMind 2 game screenshot, neurons in the brain

InMind 2 VR is the second installment of the award-winning VR game InMind for Android and iOS. InMind 2 already exists for Android, iOS, and Daydream and as of the time of writing it's pending release on February 18, 2017, for Oculus Rift, HTC vive and OSVE.

InMind 2 takes you on a journey inside the brain's emotions chemistry of a boy called John. You need to help to shape his future by controlling certain emotions as you travel through his neuron tissue. Your action will determine the outcome of John's dilemmas and shape his future to come. The game has over 300 stories and 20 unique endings, which are based on your actions.

You will travel through John's neuron tissue alongside two emotion waves and you have the option to neutralize active (colored) neurons on the way. When a neuron reaches a wave, their color is checked, if the colors are the same, the wave expands forward, if their color does not match, the wave shrinks backward. At the end, only one wave can reach the end of the track and the emotion that is associated with it is the one that John will feel and it will affect his decision at those key moment.

Let me give you an example. If the joy emotion is brought up when John first speaks with the astronaut in the class, this will continue to create a destiny path that can lead John to become an astronaut at the end. However, if fear is the wave the was the victor, John will decide to take an acting class instead. It's those key moments that change his destiny.

Of course, this video game really makes you think about your own life as well, and how certain emotions inflicts on your decision in life. What insecurities, fears, and anger can lead you to make a different decision that you otherwise wouldn't have made. We all find ourselves in situations that are 'future key moment', like the one in the game. Sometimes we are not paying attention to them or aware of them, but out emotional experience at certain key moments in our life can shape out future forever.

Keep in mind that getting to other endings doesn't mean that you failed in InMind 2 VR. It's just alternatives paths build as levels and you need to get John to fully achieve his destiny in those other paths to complete the game. You get a 3-star rating based on how you managed John to full achieve his goal at a particular role path. John can become a Rock Star, Athlete, Scientist, Star Actor, Layer and many other professions, all for you to achieve. According to the press release, it takes over 3 hours to explore all the destinies completely. It's great to see your gameplay outcome after you finish the level with an image and text that tells you what have changed.

The Android and iOS version of the game was gaze-based, but according to the Steam page, the game will suppose the tracked motion controllers, gamepad or keyboard, and mouse inputs. I prefer that to a gaze-based because my neck sometimes hurt when I gaze into different directions too long and I'll definitely have preferred playing it with a gamepad instead.

InMind 2 visuals are stunning and it's a slow-paced game so it's very comfortable to play in VR. Being inside a human brain is a really superb experience in VR. The visuals look stunning in VR. Just being able to see and travel through the neuron path is a great experience. The game feature high-contrast scenes with a vivid background color that by itself trigger my curiosity and I have to admit, sometimes even fear. The game's scene for me was nothing like I've ever seen before and when I first played the game I was blown away by its presentation.

InMind 2 is a great and original VR title that you have to experience yourself to fully appreciate the experience. InMind 2 coming to Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and OSVR on February 18, 2017, and already out there on Google Play and App store for your Android and iOS devices.

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