Happy Drummer VR

Happy Drummer VR is a room-scale music VR game for the HTC Vive where you need to block and project out incoming projectiles and deliver combos to elevate your high score, while tribesman and wild animals dance to your music. The game three difficulties to choose from to make it more challenging for more experienced players. A really unique game with gorgeous visuals. A great enjoyable interactive musical experience in VR. Available in early access via Steam.

Happy Drummer VR First Impressions

Happy Drummer VR game screenshot

Happy Drummer VR is a room-scale rhythmic virtual reality game for the HTC Vive, where the player needs to hit the drums by following the rhythm which has music cues that travel towards you as beautiful shiny particles.  You need to quickly hit the appropriate drum where the projectile is assigned for. The game reminds me of Taiko: Drum Master for the Wii U but there you need to hit a single drum with two sticks, but that game was much more intensive and requires a lot of skill when playing the hard levels, I mean it's just insane how crazy and fast the rhythm can get.

I've seen quite a lot of VR drum simulation games like Garage Drummer VR, DrumKit VR, The Drum and many others, but this one is unique because it is less of a simulator and more arcade style. There are visual cues that fly towards the drums that signal where you should use your drumsticks to hit a specific drum. This allows you to blend with the rhythm and music and feel part of it, which greatly contributes to a great physical, emotional and immersive experience.

To get more points you need to combo the moves and making sure you don't miss those visual cues. I never learned drums before, but I have a feeling that after playing this game for some time, you can really get that ability and experience to use real drums. I tried in the past to play drums by imitating how my friends are playing them, but my hand reaction was too slow - maybe this game can help. Landing combo hits is really fun because it beautifully intersects with the great parts of the melody, giving you exaltation, especially when watching.

There is no UI in this game, all the interaction is done using the drumsticks as you play the drums when the game starts. As of the time of writing, there are 4 beautiful music tracks available and only one scene, including 3 difficulty levels. The game is currently in early access, so I believe that the developer will add more music track and even more scenes when the game is fully released.the tribesman, the wild animals and even the trees dancing to the rhythm of the music.

The graphics in this game is outstanding. The act that place at night, so it's a bit dark and therefore it's beautiful to see all the glowing particle effects flying towards you and back to the sky. Playing near a fireplace in such a beautiful clear sky evening just elevates the whole experience, making it even more fun and satisfying.

This is a game that can be picked up by anyone and I love that the developer added difficulty settings because it adds replay value to the game. What I think would have been amazing is if we add the option to load out our own music, but I think that for this type of game, the visual cues need to be carefully adjusted to match the visual cues and the number of drums to make it work, but I'm not totally sure. There is an option to solo freely, which is nice because sometimes you just want to just see how good you are without being dictated what to do.

So overall, it's a really cool music game and if you want to try the game, support the developer and give him feedback, head on to Steam and try out the Early Access version.

Image credit: Lusionsoft

Awarded for an Impressive VR Game

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