Hangry Bunnies From Mars

Hangry Bunnies From Mars is a crazy toon-style, fast-paced action shooter where players need to fight hordes of adorable little enemy bunnies using epic transforming weapons. You play as the Critter Dead Squad's chief exterminator, armed to the teeth with the most modern high-tech weaponry. The game features intelligent difficulty engine that will adjust the game's difficulty as you play with three base difficulty levels that will challenge even the most skilled players.

Hangry Bunnies From Mars First Impressions

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Hangry Bunnies From Mars is a crazy toon-style, fast-paced arcade shooter created by a California based game studio, Studio229. You play as the "Exterminator", who has the most formidable job at the CDS. Your goal as an Exterminator is to fight waves of enemies, consisting of hundreds of cute yet deadly monster-disguised bunnies in order to save the city of Los Angeles from the invading Bunny Empire.

As you fight you'll be using some really badass primary and secondary weapons including but not limited to the Pellet Pistol, a high-precision single-shot weapon, the Rabbit Reaper, twin barrels gun that shoots high-velocity bolts that electrify enemies to death. You also have your high-tech custom Critter Protection Suit that protects you from gnashing critter teeth as long as it maintains its energy.

So who are our dreadful enemies exactly? Well, among the enemies, we can find the Fluffies, which are cute-looking bunnies that once they get near a food source, they mutate into deadly little monsters. There are also the "Heavies", which are massive and much harder to kill. Luckily for you, they aren't that smart and lack of strategic thinking, but you need to unleash some heavy firepower to exterminate them. There are also the "Scouts", which are little alien critters inside saucer shaped spaceships. They search the world for food and tell the Heavies and the Fluffies where to find it—the good news is that they are easy to kill.

This VR game was clearly designed for those who like challenging fast-paced FPS games that require dealing with tons of enemies at the same time while using some epic badass weapons. In the Kickstarter page of this project, the developer refers to this game as a VR survival shooter, and there is a reason for that. Players will need to stay alive by defeating waves of enemies with increased difficulty. In fact, the developer used what it calls an "Intelligent difficulty adjuster", which dynamically adjusts the game's difficulty based on the player's skill. There are also three based difficulty multipliers called Fluffy-Wuffy, Hangry and Really Hangry (Hangry = Hungry and Angry). The higher the difficulty, the higher the score multiplier. You can start with the easiest level and ramp it up when you feel confident in your ability to handle the next one.

The game is scored base. The idea is to execute combo multipliers to overclock each weapon's damage output with each kill. There is also a local (great for playing with friends) and global high score leaderboards in which you get to compare your skills against other players from all around the world and see who is more badass in this game.

Now a bit on the art aspect of the game. I personally really fancied the cartoon art-style in this game. You can really see that the game designer put a lot of effort to match the game' visuals with the comic aspect and the crazed shooting experience. One of my favorite visual aspects is the crazy particle effects that burst out on the screen as you shoot. It reminds me of the shooters I used to play on the arcade machines when I was young. I really like when the screen just fills up with explosions and lots of stuff happening on the screen as you blow up tons of enemies in a short period of time. It can get really messy on-screen, but this is one of the best aspects of this game in my opinion. The visuals play an important role in this video game and I think Studio229 nailed it just right.

With adorable and funny characters, challenging gameplay, global leaderboard to show off your skills, great visuals, and a superb shooting experience—you get a superb casual shooter that will surely satisfy your craving for some epic FPS mayhem.

Hangry Bunnies From Mars is coming out on August 23, 2017, for the HTC Vive (Oculus Touch coming soon according to the developer's official website). If you like FPS VR games and want a game with less tactical thinking and more smokin' to-the-face badass shooting, I highly recommend checking out this game.

Image credit: Studio229

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