GORN is a brutal, savage and in-your-face gladiator simulator VR game for HTC Vive. In this cartoon-style VR game, you fight for your life in a hand-to-hand combat in a closed arena using various weapons like swords, maces, nunchucks, two-handed warhammers and what not. Probably one of the most brutal and violent VR fighting games out there, so keep that in mind if you plan to play it.

GORN First Impressions

Gladiators VR fighting game, Gorn game screenshot

NOTICE: If you don't like violence and gore in games, I highly recommend just moving on and leave this page—you have been warned. If you are still here and actually excited knowing more about this game called GORN, please continue on reading.

So what is GORN and what all the fuss about this game? Well, GORN is what its developer Free Lives refers to as a ludicrously violent VR gladiator simulator. Ludicrously means that this game takes the violence in a very foolish and amusing way. It starts from the cartoon-style visuals and continues down to the poorly-animated opponents, the absurd explosion animation of body parts, ridiculously amount of blood (or is it?), the stupidly easy way of pulling out body parts using your flimsy weapons, weird human crowd characters and what not.

Maybe it would be easier for me to try to describe this game in a better way, but I just didn't play this type of insanely violent game to have previously used words in my poor English term's lexicon in order to describe it. But this what makes GORN stand out from the rest. Obviously, it's not for everyone, especially for those who hate seeing blood in games. In this game you are going to see tons of blood, and by the gallons. Even a small hit with your mace can stretch the opponents like it was a bubble gum and shoot it out to the sky. This is the good scenario. In a worse scenario, his head will cut out of his body, his legs will be cut in half, his body will be exploded and his heart will pop out of his body and smashed into pieces. All these if followed by gallons of blood splashing all over the place.

This is probably one of the most brutal and savage games ever produced by man and the developer is certainly proud of that. Of course, the cartoon-style visuals help reduce the effect of the violent and take it to a more humoristic place. When I first saw this game, it reminded me of another game called Loadout, which is a very violent multiplayer first-person shooter game where you can also see body parts exploding to pieces and it's one of the craziest FPS games ever created. I remember playing that game and just laughing all the way. I think that it even more ludicrous and funny than GORN is, but it's not a VR game.

Gorn has already tons of gameplay videos posted on YouTube. Obviously, this type of game will attract the attention of YouTubers who want to entertain their audience and what better way to do it than playing an entertaining game like Gorn. By the way, Devolver Digital is the publisher of the game, the same publisher who brought us Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter. I've also read in the announcement document that was published in the press, that The Devolver Digital, the publisher of the game, spent over a half million dollars to research what consumers wanted in a next-gen VR experience. The results were quite astonishing (or maybe not), but most people wanted, and I quote: ".. to rip off someone's arm and then beat that someone to death with said arm". To be honest, I don't know if this is true, but I guess they wouldn't publish that information just for the sake of amusement.

The end results is this one-of-a-kind virtual reality game that allows you to do just that—to unleash your rage onto other opponents and just blow their bodies to pieces, and do so in many creative ways using various type of gladiator weapons like a lance, gladius sword, parma (round shield), two-handed warhammers or even use your own bare hands to land terror on these poor little bastards.

I think it's better to just check out the gameplay videos in the video section below to see how it is like playing a game like Gorn. Judging by the reactions of people in the comment's section, it seems that many people really love it. I'm sure that this game is going to get a lot more attention once it's out in early access on July 10th. This is certainly a fun game that people will enjoy streaming and make funny videos of.

If you are reading these lines, I guess that you are ecstatic to get your hands on this game and play it. As I mentioned, the game will be available in early access on Steam starting July 10 for HTC Vive. with support for the Vive touch controllers of course. Keep in mind that the game requires a play area with 360-degree tracking and 2m by 2m in size.

Image credit: Free Lives

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