Get Even

Thorskan is a photorealistic single-player and multiplayer first-person shooter with atmospheric horror motif. The game follows a story, in which your decisions will determine the character's personality. The game uses scanned environments to promote more genuine awareness of the player within in the game. The weapons follow the exact feeling of their real-life equivalents. Guns will feel very authentic, and the realistic graphics will further enhance your immersion and part of the action.

Get Even First Impressions

Get Even game will be, in my opinion, the first next-gen FPS when it's released. Get Even is a horror first-person shooter that combines both a deep story-based campaign and multiplayer game modes. With Get Even, The Farm 51, the developer, wanted to emphasize in delivering a shooter with unprecedented photorealism.

The game was developed using Thorskan game engine and scaned environments to promote a highly realistic visuals. This game engine is optimized for better virtual experiences and it's also used for real-life training applications. Starting for high-res textures, detailed environments, and complex 3D object models, lighting, and weather system among others. The Farm 51 wasn't satisfy with that. It went to the shooting range to grab and accurate feeling for the behavior of each weapon in the game. Even the wear and tear of each weapon has been applied to it. When you play the game, guns will feel like real guns, which will heighten your overall authentic experience and emotional reponnse when playing the game. Now add VR to the mix, and you'll get a must-play FPS shooter that ever FPS fan will want to play.

Get Even is scheduled to be released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and support the Oculus Rift and Sony's Project Morpheus head-mounted displays. I'm pretty sure that it will look extraordinary on PC with maxed out settings, but I am eager to see how it renders on PS4 and Xbox One, which have less powerful graphic processing power.

One of the most innovative approach in game design is that single-player and multiplayer are tightened together in a very unprecedented fashion. Other real players can join your missions as your opponents, so you don't know whether you'll be facing an NPC or a real human opponent.

It's great to see a company that brings innovative gameplay and vastly improved visuals to an already popular genre. It's one of those game that could easily vanquish out of your radar. Other games from this company include Deadfall Adventures (PC/Xbox 360/PS3; 2012), Necrovision Lost Company (PC; 2010), Necrovision (PC; 2009) and Time Ace (Nintendo DS; 2006);

Awarded for an Impressive VR Game

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