Frontier is an upcoming Space multiplayer first-person shooter for the PlayStation VR. The developer described it as an astronomical tactical experience. Judging by the trailer, it looks very impressive and unique. Zero-gravity shooter? count me in! The game was developed using Unreal Engine 4 and indeed, visually it looks really impressive. Something unique in the FPS genre for a change.

Frontier First Impressions

Frontier game screenshot, space first person shooter

Frontier is an upcoming multiplayer space first-person shooter for PlayStation VR. The game's trailer went online just a few days ago, and it certainly left some great impressions on the FPS community. 

What I liked about it, is that instead of playing on the ground, players will fight in space, and this means that zero-gravity gameplay mechanics will kick in.  The gameplay certainly looks different than what we've seen in all past shooters. It brings a unique and beautiful planetary environment where the fighting will take place.

The game was built using Unreal Engine 4, and indeed, it features gorgeous realistic visuals, gorgeous striking lighting effects and high-quality characters models and textures. At least that what we can tell by watching the Frontier game trailer. The graphics might change when the final game gets out, but it certainly left some very positive impressions. I do believe that we'll get to see very good visuals here on the PS4, because there aren't many objects in the scene, compared to a conventional shooter. This means that the developer can focus on creating high-polygon characters and use high-resolution textures to make the Frontier space landscape more realistic and more believable. Note: there is a text on the screenshots that says: "This demo does not represent the quality of the final product", so again, keep in mind that the graphics might be different from what we see, for better or for worse.

I also liked the sound effects. If you watched the Frontier game trailer, you can certainly hear that the sound of the gun shooting in space is different, more subtle and choked compared to other shooters. maybe this how guns sound in space, I have no idea, but it certainly felt different.

When I viewed the game's page on, it is named 'Project Boundary. It seems that was the codename for this game. 

The developer calls it an "astronomical tactical experience of the near future". Players will play as armed astronauts, fighting in zero-gravity and also execute low-gravity operations on planetary stations.

The game tells the story of a space travel technology called "space elevator". This technology became affordable, allowing almost anyone to travel to space. Earth is overcrowded and it made people try to explore undiscovered provinces. Among these travelers are privateers, mercenaries, fugitives, government and insurgents, each one searched for a better future for himself.

I'm very impressed with what I've seen so far and looked forward to reading more about this upcoming title from this Chinese developer, Studio Surgical Scalpels. According to their LinkedIn page, the company specialized in Video Games, VR, Game technologies, CG Movies and Computer Graphics - well, everything needed to make a game like this looks great and play great on the PlayStation VR. It's a small company according to LinkedIn, about 10 employees founded in 2015.

Image credit: Surgical Scalpels

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