Flying Face - Blinking Flappy Bird like Instagram Filter

A Flappy Bird-like Instagram filter that is played using blinking instead of standard hand gestures controls. Inspired by the popular Flappy Bird but plays in augmented reality as a selfie game in front of your face!

Flying Face - Blinking Flappy Bird like Instagram Filter First Impressions

Flappy Bird like Instagram filter game

Flying Face is a Flappy Bird style Instagram augmented reality filter where players play the game using blinking. Yes, face gestures instead of the standard mobile gestures that we are all familiar with. The game is super fun, addictive but very hard. If the original Flappy Bird mobile game wasn't hard enough then this game now forces the player to use eye blinking to control the character.

The game can also be played by two people at the same time. Yes, a local multiplayer game where once another player joins the game, another bird will appear on the screen and both of you can control your own bird and fly together.

You can imagine that when blinking, this can cause some issues. For example, you can get some blind times where the eye is closed and you are missing a moment where you need to dodge. Of course, blinking a lot is quite tiring.  I don't know if you ever tried blinking continuously without stopping, but in this game, you'll have to do this to play. After some time your eye muscles or whatever muscles are working there will get tired.

When you blink, the bird moves up on the vertical axis. The problem is, if you haven't played the original Flappy Bird game, is that the bird is always pulled down by gravity and if you stop blinking the bird will just fall down and crash either on one of the pillars or on the bottom of the screen. You have only one health so if you fail it's game over.

The goal is to try to make the highest amount of points possible and trust me it's very hard.

This is not the first Instagram augmented reality filter game and certainly won't be the last. This is just a start. I'm pretty sure that Instagram will add more interesting game-based features to allow developers to create amazing AR selfie games in the future. We definitely need more feature to allow Spark AR developers to make those games better. Imagine an online multiplayer game happening on your own face, this is just insane. I can't wait to see that!

I still think that the controls are terrible, but you can't deny the fact that this is an entertaining take on the popular Flappy Bird style gameplay. I did spend quite a lot playing this game I have to admit. I did take breaks because to be honest, it wasn't easy to blink for so long. Luckily this game is very hard, so I failed often and this forced me to take a break from blinking.

One of the things that I found missing and I would love to see is having high-score table available, local or perferbly global one so we can all compare the total score against those of others. The thing is that with those games becoming so popular on Instagram, many people would want to see how they compare against maybe even millions of people who are using the same IG filter game like this cool Flying Face blinking game. Let's hope that this will be added in the future to come.

It's a great little Instagram mask that I highly recommend everyone to give it a try. If you enjoy playing the original Flappy Bird mobile game for iOS and Android, I'm sure you'll enjoy playing this Flappy Bird-like Instagram effect on your phone as well.

How to get Flappy Bird like Instagram filte gamer?

How to get Flappy Bird Instagram? Follow the Instagram Profile of the creator of this filter (see official website button) and you'll have it available in your filter's drawer on the Instagram app for Android or iOs, whatever you have installed. Another option is to to click and try it out. Have fun and don't forget to share this page with your friends.