Everest VR

Everest VR is a mountain climbing virtual reality experience, where players will attempt to climb and reach mount Everest pick. Like any expedition, you'll start your way at Basecamp and climb your way up by traversing through all the checkpoints that real climbers need to pass through. The game features realistic graphics and visual effects that help increase the emotional impact and make your feel like a real climber.

Everest VR First Impressions

I've seen many YouTube documentary videos covering the Everest climbing experience, which also had many past tragic incidents.  I personally won't be climbing Everest mountain anytime soon, buy Everest VR game gives me the opportunity to get the closest to how it feels climbing that mountain.

To make is as realistic is possible, the guys from RVX who are responsible for the visual effects, created a remarkable 3D model of mount Everest using more than 300,000 high resolution images according to this blog post on solfar.com. The visual rendering, particle effects and ambient sounds are obviously very important for this type of simulation game. The reason for that is that it's a very quite environment. The visuals and storytelling should be well made to give the player a strong emotional impact and immersive gameplay experience.

when you put your HMD on you are now in a different place and going on a unique journey. Sólfar Studios has given a strong emphasis on the game visuals to make is as realistic and convincing as possible.  Watching a video of experience climbers climbing Everest is one thing, but being there in a true 360-degree surrounding environment is another thing. This is what a VR experience is all about.  To those of you who haven't seen many videos about Everest, I highly recommend watching the movie "Everest" from 2015 (cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin, Keira Knightley, and others.). This movie tells the true story of 1996 Mount Everest disaster. I'm sure that once you see it (and some other documentary videos on YouTube), you'll feel even a better urge to play this game, I know I did.

Like all the other expeditions, you'll start at Basecamp and you'll be traversing up the mountain by passing through all known checkpoints, including Khumbo Icefalls, scale Lhotse Face and Hilary Step, until your reach the summit of Everest mountain.

From what I've read in Sólfar Studios' blog post, they are focusing on the things that should have the most impact on the player's experience. This can be the Perfect game for VR if done right. After I've read the blog post on nvidia.com talking about the graphics aspect, I have no doubt in my mind that it was done right.

The game will also features a 'God mode', in which you control a camera and fly around  the mountain and get a look closer look at the mountain in all directions. The game was initially designed for HTC Vive, but planned to be released on other VR headsets.  It will support Vive controllers which are a perfect fit for this type of climbing game. 

The game is planned to be released in 2016.

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