Egg Time

Egg Time is a simple game in which you catch eggs, defuse bombs and use what the developer calls "egg time", a variation of bullet time, in order to catch even the hardest to catch eggs. The game features different levels and each level has a limited time to finish. There are also various types of eggs, including frenzy, time, shrink, big, bombs and regular eggs, each effect the gameplay differently. A free VR game for the HTC Vive. The release date is planned for September 2016.

Egg Time First Impressions

Chicken Coop, Egg Time videogame screenshot

Egg Time is, according to its developer TEDI Games, their first attempt to create a VR game. As of the time of writing, Egg Time is in its Alpha development phase. I've downloaded and play the alpha version which is available for download via Steam. By the way, when the game is released for the HTC Vive on Septembre 2016, it will be free-to-play.

I really liked Egg Time. In Egg Time you need to do several things, like collecting eggs from chickens, defusing bombs and use a time bullet feature called "egg time", that slows down time and allows you to catch those very hard to catch eggs and increase your score. The game was designed from the ground up to be simple to grasp and both comfortable and fun to play in VR. The developer plans to add more levels to make the game even more challenging and fun.

Egg Time features several types of eggs, each one has its own unique effect on the game, Including Frenzy Egg (+1 ability to unleash the egg frenzy), Time Egg (+1 ability to slow down time for 10 seconds), Shrink Egg (shrinks the basket until you catch a Big Egg), Big Egg (enlarges the basket back to its default size), Bomb Egg (you have to throw them into the water in 15 seconds, if not they will explode and removes some of the levels' remaining time) and finally the Regular Eggs (catch them to extend the level time, if it falls on the ground, it will deduct some of the level time).

The chicken-egg theme is really cool, I really like it and having different types of eggs makes the whole difference in the world in terms of gameplay and makes the game really super fun and challenging at the same time.  The visuals are simple yet pretty nice, although I believe that it can be improved. I personally would have loved to see more cartoonish-style visuals, I think that it will really appeal to this type of game, making it more comic and humorous in a sense.

I think for a first game, TEDI Games did an excellent job there. The game is played with the HTC Vive touch controllers. According to their official site at, the game is also planned to be released for the Oculus Rift and other headsets, but currently, only the HTC Vive is supported. The alpha version weights only 165MB. The game has been Steam Greenlight, which is great. So head on to Steam and try the demo yourself, I'm sure many of you will like it a lot. Looking forward to seeing how the full release turns out. I am really impressed with that game, even in its current installment and I'm sure that's the full version is going to be even more fun.

Awarded for an Impressive VR Game

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