Drop Dead

Drop Dead is an upcoming zombie first-person shooter for Gear VR announced at E3 2016, featuring lots of weapons, upgrades and fun shooting experience. Swipe down to reload and tap to fire. Coming October 2016. More information coming soon.

Drop Dead First Impressions

Drop Dead zombie shooter screenshot

Drop Dead is a beautiful zombie wave-based first-person shooter for the Gear VR developed by Pixel Toys. Your goal is to find a cure for the zombie outbreak and the needed technology to defeat the treacherous Doctor Monday.

Because it was designed to be played on Gear VR, the game features very basic gameplay mechanics: swiping down to reload the weapon and tapping the touchpad to fire and there is a red dot as an aim assist. There is also a combo system that rewards accuracy. It might sound simple, but you need to use accurate head movements in order to make sure that you get those accurate shots right on the target. No controller is needed to play the game.

In each run, you are given a new weapon, gadget or the knowledge that helps you get close to defeating the mad doctor. As you play you'll discover cooler and more powerful weapons, which you can also upgrade to make them even more devastating.

Drop Dead has two modes that control the character movement, one that allows the players to teleport to different directions (also referred to as 'comfort' mode), and another mode that the character moves automatically between waves.

The gameplay mechanics are nothing sophisticated, but it plays great on the Gear VR. The game will be definitely be favored by people who like to play the classic arcade style shooter games, where you put up against an overwhelming amount of enemies and you need to survive as long as you can.

I really liked the game vivid visuals, the zombie theme (that was done right) ,the detailed environment with that great dramatic atmospheric feeling to it. I also liked the positioning of the weapon on the right side of the screen, so it takes less screen estate and gives more room for showcasing the real action.

Drop Dead is one of the best-looking shooters for Gear VR at the moment. It's intense and looks super fun to play in VR. If you love zombies, love FPS games and have a Gear VR headset, you definitely must try this game out.

Drop Dead is coming in October 2016. Bookmark this page to find out more updated information about the game, including new gameplay videos, more accurate release date, and more.

Awarded for an Impressive VR Game

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