Dick Wilde

Dick Wilde is a stationary wave-based arcade shooter in which you need to use some really weird and cool weapons like an Electric Bow, Sawblade Rifle, and a nail gun to fight against some wild creatures coming from the lake. There is even a party mode, where you can compete against your friends who gets the highest score. The game takes place in 9 different environments. A great game for those of you who love crazy wave-based first-person shooters.

Dick Wilde First Impressions

Dick Wilde game screenshot

The developer of the popular title Kittypocalypse developed its second VR title, Dick Wilde. It's a fast-paced wave shooter in which you need to use a variety of crazy weapons to attack enemies coming from swamps and lagoons across the US.

The first thing that caught my attention is the lovely vivid visuals, which I personally really like in games. Its cartoon-style visuals really appealed to me and like Kittypocalypse, it certainly has its touch of humor.

The game has several levels, in each you'll be fighting some crazy mutated fish that will attack you from the water, like gators, sharks and other crazy creatures. Your character is stationary, so you need to dodge enemy's attacks and attack in order to stay alive as much as possible and achieve the highest score possible. Why you want that? because there is a global leader board, and in fact, this is part of what this game is all about, trying to play the best you can and show off your barging rights for all the world to see.

Among the weapons available for you are dual-wielding revolvers, nail guns and paintball guns, grenade and missile launcher, an electric bow and shotgun and shield. There is no bullet drop, just aim and shoot to kill the enemy, preferably before they come close and damage you.

The game was designed to be fast, addictive and competitive in nature. It's a casual shooter that you will enjoy playing in between your big titles. It also serves as a great party game, where you can give the headset to your friend and see if he or she can beat your own best score.

It really look like an amazing wave shooter, more crazy and fun than your "traditional" casual wave shooter. I don't know about you, but I'm definitely getting this game :)

Image credit: Bolvërk Games

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