Darts VR

Darts VR is a realistic Darts game in VR for HTC Vive. It supports both single-player and local multiplayer game modes. It's a great party game to play against a friend in either 501 Up or most scored game modes. It has beautiful visuals and it really does a good job in transferring the competitive feeling of the game.

Darts VR First Impressions

Darts VR video game screenshot

Darts VR, not to be confused with the other existing title "VR Darts", is like its name suggests, a virtual reality darts sports game. This game, however, at least in my opinion, gives you the feel of a competitive professional darts experiencedue to its visuals. You can play alone in a single-player game mode or challenge another player in the party local multiplayer game mode.

It's great to be able to play darts against friends at home, especially if you don't already have a physical darts setup. I personally really like playing darts at the pub against my friends, but I never buy one for my house. Once I played a few VR darts games, I knew what I was missing, but now because of the VR medium, there was no need to buy the physical Dart's board, I can just play it in VR.

The game supports both "501 up" or most scored game modes. For those of you who never heard about 501, it's quite simple. Each player starts with a score of 501. Each turn each player throws 3 darts. The total score of each turn is deducted from the total score. The first player who is able to reduce the score to exactly zero wins. The other thing is that the last dart needs to hit a double or the bullseye. If the player hits the dart that causes the score to reach below zero, the score doesn't count and the turn ends and goes to the other player. The game also keeps track of all time high and current session high scores.

What I really liked about Darts VR is that it really gives you the feel of a real professional Darts competition due to the arena design and the cheering crowd in the background. I also really liked the vivid colors that really made me feel cheerful and got my attention when I browsed through the Steam VR games.

Darts VR is a great casual VR game to play alone and with friends. As of the time of writing, the game is available for HTC Vive owners with full controller support.

Image credit: The AWesome Game Studio

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