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Dark Legion VR is a first person shooter and magic game in which you play as a chief offers on a space mission who's spaceship broke and landed on an alien planet. Your mission is to search for energy resources to fuel up your ship and get back to earth. You eventually found out that the alien race there is making mutant creatures that can jeopardize the existent of the human race and you need fo fight them and destroy them all. Use a wide variety of weapons and spells to fight the dark legion.

Dark Legion VR First Impressions

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Dark Legion VR is a first person shooter and magic game in which you play as a chief offers on a space mission. Your spaceship malfunctioned and you are forced to land on that alien planet. You are on a mission to find an energy source that will help you fuel your ship so you can escape this planet and go back to planet Earth. On your venture through this planet, you eventually found out that the alien race there is making mutant creatures that can endanger the existent of the human race and you need to fight them and destroy the source that creates them.

The cool thing about Dark Legion VR is that it combines first-person shooter mechanics with spellcasting abilities. The enemies that you fight against also get to enjoy the same level of diversity and can shoot and cast spells as well. There is a large selection of weapons to choose from, including pistols, machine guns, rifles RPGs, TNTs, shields and what's not.

The game uses a Stamina bar, which limits the number of teleportation movements you can do at a given time. When your teleport, or in this game it's more like sliding, the stamina will be gradually depleted. You need to watch this Stamina meter in order to not get stuck in a situation where you are getting shot and don't have enough stamina to escape a bad situation. You need to build your tactics around that limitation. When you stop moving, your stamina bar will recharge over time. This just prevents the player from getting all crazy and teleporting all over the place to avoid getting hit or just getting in to deal damage and quickly get out to avoid damage. The right hand also has a bar, but this bar is for MP, which is Magic Points. Once this bar is full you can release a spell.

One of my favorite aspect of this game is the large arsenal of weapons you can choose from, including a shotgun, RPG, assault rifles, machine guns, grenades, pistols, a bow and what's not—super cool!

The game starts in a training area and will teach you the basics because it might be slightly more complicated due to the number of controls which are available in the game, but don't worry, it doesn't an excellent job teaching you all the required mechanics to get you ready for battle.

After you finished all your training, your ship will be crash landing on that alien planet. Once you get out of your ship you observe the damage and your assistant will guide you of the things you need to do to get started.

The graphics in this game are stunning in my opinion. The world itself is just gorgeous with the beautiful cosmic scenery. The developer did a great job using striking vivid colors and glowing effects to make your experience on this new planet very evocative and immersive. It's kind of reminds me the first time I've experienced a night in one of the planets that I've landed on in No Man's Sky, it was strikingly beautiful, so I felt the same way on this planet. When you look at the sky you can see those beautiful galaxies and beautiful colors like of a supernova explosion. The vivid glowing colors really feel out the gap in that dark and mysterious world, making you eager to explore it and see what is hiding in the next corner.

You'll start shooting almost a moment after you go out from the ship.
As you venture through this planet you'll discover loot crates, which hold different objects that will aid you through your journey. You'll also discover more parts of the story behind this alien planet from space explorers who have been there before.

According to the developer, the enemy is built with high-level AI system, so they can dodge your shots and spells, duck and aim at you as you move. The gameplay mechanics work flawlessly and feels great. As of the time of writing, the game is still in Early Access, but certainly showing its strong capabilities of making sure the game entertains when it comes to gameplay weapons and movement mechanics, looting system, visuals and the mystery it created to create tension that makes the player want to explore this beautiful planet and discover its mysteries.

I was blown away by the visuals in this game, I just didn't expect them to be that good, but it really looks great and the gorgeous vivid glowing colors really compliment the space alien scene. It makes you forget about what the real life and just naturally allows you to be consumed by this magic and mysterious world that the developer, Ice World, has created for you. We are certainly looking at one of the most impressive first-person shooters out there for HTC Vive.

This game has its own pacing. It plays completely different than the fast-paced stationary shooters that are very popular now on the Vive. It's nice to see such a very polished FPS that stand out from the rest. AS of the time of writing, Dark Legion (great name by the way) is available in Early Access on Steam for the HTC Vive VR headset. I am personally looking forward to the full releases and I highly recommend you guys to check it out.

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