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Carnival Games VR a collection of 12 Carnival mini-games, including among others: Alley Ball, Ring Toss, Golden Arm, Shooting Gallery, Climbing Wall, Fast Pitch and others. The original games was developed for Nintendo Wii, but now translated to work in VR. You can earn prizes, unlock games and interact with the environment. It's kind of a similar experience like VR Fanhouse. October 28 for Vive and PSVR, coming soon to Oculus Rift.

Carnival Games VR First Impressions

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Carnival Games VR is a VR remake of the popular Carnival Games title that was initially released for the Nintendo Wii console and the Nintendo DS in August 2007. A collection of 12 different fairground mini-games for the HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and Oculus Rift. As of the time of writing, Carnival Games VR is planned to be released for Vive and PSVR on October 28th, while the Oculus Rift version wasn't given a date, but it's planned to be released soon.

This game reminds me another title called NVIDIA VR Funhouse, which is also a collection of fairground mini-games, which were developed to showcase Nvidia's latest VR technologies to enhance visuals and gameplay experience for future virtual reality games.

Carnival Games VR offers 12 games in total, including alley Ball, Ring Toss, Golden Arm, Down The Stretch, Pop Darts, Shark Tank, Funnel Cake Stacker, Swish, Hunted House, Fast Pitch, Shooting Gallery and Climbing Wall. Each mini-game is going to test your skills and built from the ground up to immerse the player like never before.  The game was designed as a room-scale experience for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and  has full support for its tracked motion controllers.

Carnival Games offer players a beautiful vivid interactive environment and great enjoyable atmosphere. Like in some arcade places, you collect tickets, unlock more game modes and win prizes as you play those challenging mini-games. A great party game to compete against your friends to see who can earn the top spot on the online leaderboard.

As of the time of writing, the games is available for pre-ordering at $19.99 via Steam. I think it's a great game for new VR gamers and for the whole family to enjoy playing together. It's optimized to provide players with a great physical gameplay experience, which what was once only available for the Wii console, now is available in VR and for the most popular VR headsets. It isn't cheap, but it's a fair price for those who want to start playing with a nice collection of games and try out and see how their headset works with different type of gameplay experiences.

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  • Support the Oculus Touch controllers