Be a Bee

In Be a Bee, like the name of the game suggests, you get to play as a little bee and become a wasp yourself. Try to eat as many as you can under the time limit. You collect points by landing on food. It's a great bee simulator where you can be the bee for a change, instead of the human who suffers when those bees are coming and buzzing around you in the middle of a picnic barbecue.

Be a Bee First Impressions

Picnic food on table backyard, Be a Bee video game screenshot

Be a Bee is a nice little arcade VR game for Oculus Rift. Like its name suggests, in Be a Bee you get to play as a Bee. This time around, you get not to be the person around the table in the back yard, but the little hungry bee who just want to get some bites on that tasty food on the table.

Out little bee is very hungry but has very little time to get some good bites on the food before the picnic is starting. It's up to you to fly and navigate the bee and make sure it's landing on the food. You get points for each food you get to lands on. You have a minute to eat as much as you can. The landing points are marked with a market, so you can see which one you have eaten from and which one you haven't.

Flying with the bee isn't that straight forward, but it supposed to be a bit tricky to add some difficulty, but overall the game itself wasn't difficult at all and maybe it was just wasn't designed with that in mind. It would be nice to have some human NPCs sitting down around the table trying to hit you and move you out from their food, instead of just landing on food. Who knows, maybe in a future update, but I doubt it.

Anyway, if you like the idea of the game, you can go and download it from the Oculus Store for free. The game was developed by Mimo, a Polish company who are experts in the field of VR, not just games. Their first VR game for the HTC Vive was Sorcerum and they also developed a City Flying Experience for Oculus Rift which allows you to become a superhero and fly over a modern city. You can find more about their VR videos, games and experience on their official website at

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