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Amusement Planet presents five striking riding experiences, which is the ideal choice for those who are experiencing VR for the first time. Just keep in mind that this is tagged under ''Intense'' for comfort. That being said, it's one of the more exquisitely designed roller-coaster type titles that I've seen lately. You have a coaster ride, swing and mad race taking place in really splendidly rendered scenes. Did I mention that it's free-to-play?

Amusement Planet First Impressions

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My first VR experience was a roller coaster game for Google Cardboard. This was the first time I really got to see what is VR is all about. It was a simple experience, but one that put such a strong impression on me, that I remember is until this day and this was a few years ago. This is also a reason why I always come back to experience new roller coaster title because it brings me back to that point in time where I experienced VR for the first time. Regardless, I always enjoyed roller coaster rides in the amusement park as a child and still enjoy it today.

Amusement Planet brings several riding experiences. It's called Ámusement Planet' because you can choose from 5 different riding experiences located in various locations around a beautiful 3D virtual planet when you first start the game. When you start the game only a single experience is unlocked, and you'll need to buy the other experienced to unlock them.

The first ride takes place in a stunning abandoned exotic island in the middle of the ocean, surrounding with a gorgeous sunset view. The developer has chosen a superb color palette with a great detailed environment that really makes the whole riding experience very special and superbly delightful.

The second ride is also a roller coaster ride taking place in an exotic environment as well with head-spinning bends and sweeping falls, which is more intense than the first one. In the third one (although you can buy them in any order you like) you go on a ride on a giant swing, which I assume that it's is one of the more extreme and probably the least comfortable ones among the five. The other experiences are a posy-apocalyptic car ride during a furious storm and an adrenaline pumping ride through a volcano eruption.

Although the other VR experienced are being offered as in-app purchases, is certainly a VR riding experiences that are well worth it in my opinion and the developer really put a great effort to make it stand out from the rest. Let's not forget that when you buy those extra paid experienced you are supporting the developer and his work, in this case, the developer FIBRUM. Supporting the developer means great new experiences in the future. When I see this type of experience, I have no doubts that we'll get to see many more cool VR experiences and games from FIBRUM.

Speaking of which, I went to Fibrum's official website to see which other VR apps this developer has developed in the past. You can see a long list of games like RollerCoaster, Space Stalker VR, Crazy Wing, Zombie Run, Candy Hunter VR, Froggy, Snowy Fighter VR, Mad Race, Air Race, Crismon Steam VR, VR Rally, RAce in Space VR and much more. I also saw those paid experiences in the Amusement Planet listed separately.

All in all, Amusement Planet is definitely a must-have experience for everyone who loves roller-coaster VR games. It's great for those of you who just want a passive experience, where they can just lay down and enjoy a thrilling ride. The game boasts beautiful visuals, but keep in mind that some of those experienced might not be comfortable for some. The game supports both the Touchpad and the new Gear VR controller. So what are you waiting for? Download the game free from the Oculus Store and try out now—enjoy the ride!

Image credit: FIBRUM

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