Aliens In The Yard

In Aliens In The Yard you'll be defending your home against an alien invasion who came to earth hunting for its most precious resource: your backyard junk. Unlike other stationary wave shooters, instead of just shooting the aliens with modern or conventional guns, you'll be defending your backyard using fireworks. The features stunning particle effects and firework sounds that make the whole shooting experience feel like a big terrestrial night party.

Aliens In The Yard First Impressions

Aliens In The Yard game screenshot

Searching for some really cool VR games I came across Aliens In The Yard. In Aliens in The Yard, you need to defend your home by fighting against aliens who are after your backyard junk. So apparently in this game, those sneaky little aliens just happen to love your yard. However, this is not the thing that really made me want to post a preview of this game.

What I really liked about this game is that instead of shooting enemies with pistols and other types of conventional modern or futuristic guns, you fight them using fireworks—say what?! Yes, Fireworks!

You have a bunch of fireworks laying around you. In the gameplay trailer, we can see the developer lighting up the fireworks using the candle on his left side. Once those fireworks are off you can see some great fireworks effect like the Peony, Chrysanthemum, Crossette, etc. It's just beautiful to watch, and just imagine playing it in VR and actually being there in that play and experiencing all that explosion galore.

This leads me to talk about the visuals. I really love fireworks and in my opinion, fireworks are one of the most amazing displays you can experience at night. The last time I experience a great fireworks show was a holiday in Porto (Portugal) called Festa de São João do Porto. I just love the stunning vivid aerial explosions in the sky, it really a beautiful mood-lifting experience.

This is not a screenshot from the game, but an actual photos I took near Duoro river in Porto in Sao Joao holiday, I just love fireworks!

Fireworks, San Joao, Porto Portugal

Aliens In The Yard takes place at night. You have these beautiful dark blue sky, a large moon in the background—a beautiful setting to for a great fireworks party. The place turns into a completely exploding experience once you start shooting the aliens with different fireworks-based weapons. Judging from the gameplay trailer and the game's Steam page, there are multiple fireworks type of weapons you can shoot with, each one with its own unique particles effects, colors and sounds. Speaking of which, the sounds in this game sound so cool, like real fireworks. Those sounds imminently brought up some great firework shows that I attended in the past.

I personally never had the chance to launch fireworks myself, maybe the small ones that are around a hand-long which just fly straight towards the sky, but that's about it. How amazing would it be if I had an option to use some of those powerful fireworks myself? Well, apparently this what you'll be doing in Aliens In The Yard, but instead of just shooting them and enjoy the show, you can use them to kick some alien's butt—so cool!

Even the alien spaceships are glowing with vivid colors and it's just a beautiful game to look at. When you shoot down a spaceship or aliens you get a glowing score popping out. The lighting in this game is just stunning and one of the main reasons it was able to catch my attention. I also really like seeing developers bringing some unique and creative gameplay ideas to VR, and Aliens In The Yard does just that, and in a very creative way.

The game is one of those games that are easy to pick up but harder to master. You start with some small waves of enemies and move on to move intense fights in an increasing difficulty curve. If you are fed up playing regular shooters which more or less the same setup, I think that this game brings a breath of fresh air to the genre, at least when it comes to visual fidelity, and probably a more interesting and unique shooting experience as well.

The game is developed by a Russia-based company called Fair Games Studio. Although I couldn't find other games that the company has developed, according to their social company profile, their portfolio of their employees includes some successful VR projects. It might be the first VR game that the company has developed, but is seems that their developers have a lot of experience in developing VR experiences.

I've also not surprised to read that Aliens In The Yard was developed using Unreal Engine 4, which is known for its really great lighting rendering. The end results are really impressive judging by the basic material that I've got to see for this game.

Aliens In The Yard was developed as a room-scale VR game for the HTC Vive with full controller support.

All in all, we are very impressed with what we've seen so far. Whether this will translate to a great gameplay experience in VR, we still need to wait and see. If you are a Vive owner, I definitely think this game is worth your attention.

Image credit: Fair Games Studio

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