A.I am Monster

A.I am Monster you play as a gigantic Japanese schoolgirl robot going on a rampage through Tokyo city. It's a Donkey Kong movie, but with a giant girl instead of a gorilla character. You goal is to deliver as much destruction as possible while fighting against an army that tries to stop you. Your achievement is based on the economical lost you cause to the city. Coming 2017. More information about supported headsets will be released once once revealed by the developer.

A.I am Monster First Impressions

A.I Am Monster game screenshot

Remember the game 100ft Robot Golf game for PlayStation VR where you play as a 100ft gigantic robot smashing buildings with a gold club, now a Japanese game developer Cave came up with quite a similar game, but instead of playing as a giant robot with a gold club, you play as a giagntic Japanese schoolgirl robot.

The developer released some screenshots and a gameplay trailer and we can clearly see the character's legs and arms shaped like robot body parts. I dug a bit deeper into understand the character in this game and it appears that the character is derived from the A.I character from the game DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu, which is a giant women boss character that appears at the end of each stage in the game, one of those characters it called A.I. The game was developed by CAVE and published by Rising Star Games and was released in Math 2008.

Here you can see the flyer image from 2008 of the same robotic Japanese schoolgirl character.

The game takes place in Tokyo. Your goal is to do as much damage as possible by taking down skyscrapers, pick up tanks and smash them against other units like Apache helicopters and use your devastating energy beam to deal damage and fend off the army forces that want to take you out. Your score is based on the total amount of "economic loss" worth of damage you make to the city.

In the trailer, we can see a guy playing with the HTC Vive headset, so we can definitely expect it to be a room-scale VR game and be available for the HTC Vive, but we don't have any more detailed information for which other VR headset this game will be released for. I categorized it under HTC Vive at the moment, but I'll update that when I get more information about the supported platforms.

Image credit: CAVE Interactive Co. Ltd.


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