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Affected The Cabin is a virtual reality horror game that was designed to promote a heart-stopping jumpscares experience. It tells the story of a group of volunteers who were sent to investigate mysterious events in a remote cabin, but they never returned. You need to uncover the mystery behind their disappearance. The game features multiple engines depends on the player's choices. Supports Sixense, Virtuix Omni, and Cyberith Virtualizer accessories. Playable also without VR headset,

Affected - The Cabin First Impressions

Affected - The Cabin, game screenshot

Affected the Cabin is one of the most anticipated VR games for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive for 2016. Affected is a horror game that was designed to be played in VR to get the best jumpscare moments, but it can be played without a virtual reality headset as well, but you just won't get the same great heart-stopping experience.

The whole thing is that when you wear a VR headset, you are completely surrounded and immersed within the atmospheric virtual environment. You feel that scary sensation being in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by the ambient sounds that every tiny bit of sound or movement can cause your heart to start pumping. You are also not distracted by anything outside the virtual world and you are fully consumed by it. This is why 'Affected - The Cabin' is best played in VR, and not on a regular monitor. This is just a recommendation, so keep that in mind.

In the KickStarter page of Affected - The Cabin, the developer has stated that they used proven psychological studies to develop their scared and experiences. This means that if you are among those people who jump out of their seat and get scared in horror movies, this game will certainly have an effect on you because horror movies are designed with the same principles.

The game tells the story of a group of people who were sent to a secluded cabin in Kern Woods to investigate some mysterious events and disappearances that happened in that particular cabin, but they never returned. Yes, a spooky story, but this time there is no video recording that tells the story prior to their disappearance (like in many current horror movies). Your mission is to uncover the mystery of this eerie cabin by pursuing information in confidential documents and visual clues that can help lead you to understand the meaning of The Cabin.

Affected The Cabin features three main themes, which you can choose when you start your journey, and each one has a different theme. The game features multiple endings, scared and events that are entirely dependent on the choices that you make. This adds a higher replay value to the game, which will make people want you to play it several times in order to reveal all its possible events and endings.

Visually, the really looks amazing. It carries a dark theme in most part that helps to maximize the effect of this jumpscare moments, make you feel scared of the unknown. The dark theme also results in a limited field of view, so don't really know what lies around the corner a few meters ahead of you. There is a great use of lighting in the game that triggers curiosity, anticipation, claustrophobic feeling at times, and helps to keep the tension going through the game.

You walk very slowly, not knowing what waiting for you a few meters ahead, you look around, telling yourself that ghosts don't really exist, but at the same time you are really scared of the unknown. This is what Affected The Cabin does so good, making you fully immersed within that virtual worlds that they built, where every sparkling light and sound effect has an emotional effect on you. Many horror games tried to create that intense and scary gameplay experience, but many of them failed. This game certainly had all the right ingredients and successfully put them all together to create this amazing horror VR gaming experience.

Like in horror movies, the music and sound effects are a very important aspect of helping to create and keep the tension going. Affected The Cabin did an amazing job with that as well. You something here a distant voice and hear it coming closer towards you. Sometimes the sound starts faded, but as you walk towards its location, it starts getting louder and its rhythm gets faster and faster, and you feel that something terrifying is going to happen, but you don't know where and when exactly.

The visual fidelity is really excellent, and you can clearly see that the developer put a great deal of attention to fine detailed and imperfections which are important to deliver that you are visiting an old and deserted place. That Cabin by itself tells a story through the pictures and wallpaper on the wall, the looks of each room, the furniture, etc. The level design looks authentic, and that helps to elevate the scary moments when you first get to face some surreal and unnatural behaviors, like furniture and books suddenly start floating in the air.

Affected The Cabin is not just for horror game fans, but for every Rift and Vive owner who really want to undergo a great emotional VR experience. This is exactly how horror games should be in Virtual Reality, and if they don't give you the creeps and don't trigger these being scared reactions, maybe somethings wasn't done right. This what makes this game so great compared to many of the horror titles out there and what made this game such a highly anticipated - a truly cinematic horror experience. Affected - The Cabin certainly rightfully deserves our 'Impressive Game' award - Highly recommended!

Awarded for an Impressive VR Game

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