A-Escape VR

A-Escape VR is yet another an escape the room game that was designed to make the most of virtual reality. You awakes and find yourself trapped in a room an dyou need to find your way out by solving puzzles. You interact with puzzles using the tracked motion controllers and try to get out of the place in time. The game is planned to be released on December 2017.

A-Escape VR First Impressions

A-Escape VR is an escape room game that was built from the ground up for an immersive VR experience. Like in other games in the genre, you found yourself trapped in a house and you need to solve various puzzles to escape that place.

A-Escape VR puts emphasize on complex puzzles that are based on real-world escape room puzzles and suppose to be very challenging. The game is being developed as a room-scale VR game for HTC Vive and designed to be played with the Vive tracked motions controllers. The game features both teleportation and walkabout locomotion, to make the make the whole gaming experience more comfortable to play and pose less motion sickness.

According to the Steam page, the develop aimed to December 2017 release. Until then you can check out the trailer and some of the screenshots posted on Steam, and follow news and updates regarding the game. There is also a demo version available if you want to try it out and submit feedback to the developer, which I highly recommend doing, it really helps developers make better games. So if you like or don't like what you've played, you can send your feedback to the developer.

A-Escape VR Videos

  • A-Escape VR requires a VR headset to play